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  • How To Change ASP.NET GridView Themes Dynamically

    Check out this 8 minute ASPxGridView change themes dynamically video . In the video, you'll learn how to: Download and modify an existing Code Central Example Add new themes using the ASPxThemeDeployer Launch the theme deployment tool from Visual Studio This Screencast uses the following code central...
    Posted to Mehul Harry's DevExpress Blog (Weblog) by Mehul Harry (DevExpress) on 2/18/2009
    Filed under: ASPxperience, screencast, Video, Features, How-To, ASP.NET, ASP.NET GridView, Theme, Themes, ASPxGridView, Code Central
  • How To Deploy DevExpress ASP.NET Themes

    Check out this short 4 minute ASPxThemeDeployer video that shows you how to use the new ASP.NET theme deployment tool: The video shows you how to: Launch the ASPxThemeDeployer Use and set the options Deploy Themes to your project and/or solution Change Themes From The Web.Config The new ASP.NET theme...
    Posted to Mehul Harry's DevExpress Blog (Weblog) by Mehul Harry (DevExpress) on 2/11/2009
    Filed under: ASPxperience, screencast, Video, Features, How-To, ASP.NET, Theme, Themes, ASPxGridView, v2008.3
  • ASP.NET Loading Panel Introduction: New DevExpress Control

    Check out this 6 minute video on the ASPxLoadingPanel Introduction : There is a new ASP.NET UI control coming out in the next major release of DXperience and ASPxGridView & Editors Library . The ASPxLoadingPanel can be used during callbacks to display a custom ‘Loading…’ text and image. Callbacks...
    Posted to Mehul Harry's DevExpress Blog (Weblog) by Mehul Harry (DevExpress) on 10/26/2008
    Filed under: ASPxGridView ASP.NET, ASPxperience, screencast, Video, How-To, ASP.NET, ASP.NET GridView, Client-side, callback, v2008.3
  • DevExpress ASP.NET Themes – Easy 3 Step Customization for Your Projects

    Check out the difference between a *** ASP.NET project and the same project using a Developer Express theme: Nice upgrade, isn't it? Here are the 3 simple steps to add Developer themes to your project: 1. Add a Combo Box for Selecting the Theme First you’ll need to decide on which page you...
    Posted to Mehul Harry's DevExpress Blog (Weblog) by Mehul Harry (DevExpress) on 7/15/2008
    Filed under: ASPxperience, DXperience, screencast, ASPxMenu, Video, Features, XtraReports, ASPxTreeList, ASPxHtmlEditor, How-To, ASP.NET, Theme, Themes, ASPxGridView, ASPxScheduler, XtraCharts, ASPxPivotGrid, ASPxGauges, ASPxDataView

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