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  • DevExpress Icon Library

    A few weeks ago I mentioned that we've added a collection of new icons to our Icon Library - icons we created specifically for our DevAV demo apps . If you've not had the opportunity to review those demo apps, take a moment to run our Demo Center and see some of the user experiences you can create...
    Posted to Thinking Out Loud (Weblog) by Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress) on 6/18/2015
    Filed under: Icons, Image Collection, Icon Library, WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF, mvc, HTML 5
  • Techorama 2017 Impressions

    Last week, Julian, John and I where at the 4th edition of the Techorama Conference in Antwerp, Belgium. This year the conference was bigger as the previous editions, which was the reason to move from Mechelen to Antwerp. The speaker selection was impressive and Scott Guthrie was here to kick off with...
    Posted to Don Wibier's Blog (Weblog) by Don Wibier (DevExpress) on 5/30/2017
    Filed under: MVC, DevExtreme, Conferences, WPF, Angular, React

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