DevExpress Dashboard – Early Access Preview (v19.1)

Our v19.1 release is drawing closer and it is time to show off the features the teams have been hard at work on. It’s also an opportunity to gather feedback, make sure the voice of the community is heard and squash any last minute bugs.

All of the features described in this post will be supported for all our target platforms:

  • WinForms, WPF

  • ASP.NET WebForms, MVC, Core

  • HTML/JS Web Dashboard

Ready to Try

Compact Date Filter

A new Date Filter Dashboard Item date-based filtering without consuming too much valuable screen space.

Configuration of the Date Filter Item can be a single date value (before or after the given date), or a range filter. Users can select dates via the custom DateBox control.

Predefined Quick Filters can be configured at design time and are available as a buttons. Choose from Date Box, Quick Filter buttons or both.

You can check the CTP version of Web Date Filter demos here.

Data Federation

The new Data Federation Data Source allows the binding of several existing data sources, easily combine SQL Data (queries), Excel Data and Object Data. Relationships can be created between them.
Data Federation Data Source can be consumed in the DevExpress Dashboard on any platform.

Try this new feature via the Wizard in our Dashboard WinForms Designer.

While the Web Federation Data Source Wizard didn’t make it into this CTP, you can create the Data Source using the API both in Win and Web and of course dashboards created in the WinForms Designer can be viewed in both the Web and WPF.

An example dashboard with a simple use case of the FederationDataSource.

This Dashboard demonstrates a single Grid bound to Object Data Source, an another Grid bound to Excel Data Source, and – the most important thing, a proof of concept - a couple of items which are bound to federated data, coming from both Data Sources joined by a simple condition.

For more information, code snippets and a place for discussion see this KB article.

Your opinion matters, please answer this survey to help determine use cases.

In the Works

State Management in WinForms

A big refactoring of the WinForms control and its data-processing architecture is underway. The goal of this is to deliver more features that could be implemented in the v18.2 architecture. The first of which is a long-waited State Management feature in both the WinForms Dashboard Viewer and Designer.

Search everywhere

Currently, large data calculations are managed well, however, certain use cases involving big lists are hard to manage in the Designer's UI. This is something that is being improved by enhancing the UX.

Range Filter for OLAP data sources

Work has already started updating the OLAP query engine to support Range Filters (both existing and coming) bound to OLAP data source. The plan is to finish these enhancements and update the Designers in v19.1.

Localization Rework

Work is underway on improving the localization of the Web controls and cross-platform translation. The goal is to reduce the number of terms to translate as well as the amount of localization traffic to the client (which is important for the Client Dashboard).
Starting from v19.1, the DevExpress Localization Service will fully support downloading translated terms in JSON format (available now to test it as a pre-release version – just request the localization and the archive you receive will have JSON localization included with *.resx files)

JSON Data Source & XPO Data Source

These two data sources were recently introduced in DevExpress Reports following feedback they will both by added to the DevExpress Dashboard suite.

If There’s Time…

Chart and Scatter Chart – Constant Lines

The R&D team discussed the approach to let end users of Dashboard Designer set up, configure and (optionally) bind to data a Constant Lines in Chart/Scatter Chart. So far, UI mockups have been created and discussions around internal data architecture is underway to look at supporting this feature.
This will most likely appear in v19.2 or CTP in a maintenance release.

Calculated Fields – support Comments and Line Breaks

Some users consume large and complex Expressions for Calculated Fields and have requested that comments and line breaks be retained (they are currently lost after serialization/deserialization of Dashboard). Investigations are underway on how to keep these during postprocessing of Expressions.

Web Dashboard Viewer was removed from the installation

The Web Dashboard Viewer control is no longer shipped with v19.1 or later. More information on this is available in the DevExpress Dashboard: Migration to Web Dashboard Control blog post.

Access to a Preview Release

If you own an active Universal or DXperience subscription, you can download the CTP build from the DevExpress Download Manager and test the features described in this blog post. Let us know how well the new features address your requirements. This will help us fine-tune our code before the launch.

If you are using a trial and want to try this feature today, you can purchase a DevExpress Universal or DXperience license online (this will give you access to early builds such as this CTP). If you are ready to upgrade to Universal or DXperience from another subscription level, email us at for preferential upgrade pricing.

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