DevExpress Dashboard – 2020 Roadmap

We received great feedback on our proposed 2020 DevExpress Dashboard Roadmap. Thanks to everyone who engaged us late last year. Based on your feedback and our long-term product development goals, we've finalized our 2020 Roadmap with a focus on important usage scenarios outlined below.

Features Planned for v20.1

Parallel Periods

DevExpress Dashboard Parallel Periods

Parallel periods are an important data analysis tool. Though we allow you to address simple usage scenarios in this regard, complex scenarios are not currently supported (when comparing the same data against different date periods). We will address these complex usage scenarios in our v20.1 release.

Tab Item Performance Enhancements

We will allow you to restrict dashboard item loading to active tabs only. This feature will help improve overall performance when using multiple Dashboard Tabs (with Dashboard Items that require extended data processing).

API to Extend a Dashboard's Lifecycle

We will introduce an easy and straightforward API to extend the Dashboard's design lifecycle. Our objectives will be as follows:

  • Allow you to easily add a UI for your properties within Dashboard Designers. You will have access to a new set of APIs to extend the WinForms Dashboard Designer Ribbon Menu, and the Web Dashboard Options Panel.
  • Allow you to add customer-related properties (aka user data) to Dashboard, Dashboard Items, and Dashboard Item Elements (Grid Columns, Chart Series, Cards, Gauges etc.)

We will store your custom data within the model and automatically manage serialization/deserialization as needed.

In the following examples, we show how to add a scale break to the Chart item:

Web Dashboard

Step 1: Add Metadata for the custom properties.

import { registerCustomPropertiesMeta } 
	from "../../sources/model/custom-properties/custom-properties-metadata";

    ownerType: ChartItem,
    propertyName: "scaleBreaks",
    defaultValue: false,
    valueType: 'boolean',
Step 2: Update the event handlers to use the Metadata.
onItemWidgetCreatedUpdated(args: ItemWidgetEventArgs) {
    var scaleBreaks = 
    if (scaleBreaks) {
        var widget = args.getWidget();
        var valueAxisOptions = widget.option("valueAxis");
        valueAxisOptions[0].autoBreaksEnabled = true;
        widget.option("valueAxis", valueAxisOptions);

Your users can now specify the Custom Property in the Dashboard Designer.

Web Dashboard Custom Properties S

WinForms Dashboard Designer & Viewer

var page = ribbon.GetDashboardRibbonPage(
var group = new RibbonPageGroup("Additional Properties");
var barItem = new BarCheckItem(ribbon.Manager, false);
barItem.Caption = "ScaleBreak";
barItem.ItemClick += SaveScaleBreak;
void SaveScaleBreak(object sender, ItemClickEventArgs e) {
    var breakEnabled = designer.SelectedDashboardItem.CustomProperties.GetValue<bool>("ScaleBreak");
    	new CustomPropertyHistoryItem(designer.SelectedDashboardItem, 
        	"Scale Break Changed"));
void Designer_DashboardItemControlUpdated(object sender, DashboardItemControlEventArgs e) {
    if(e.ChartControl != null) {
        var dashboardItem = designer.Dashboard.Items[e.DashboardItemName];
        var breakEnabled = dashboardItem.CustomProperties.GetValue<bool>("ScaleBreak");
        var chartAxis = (chart.Diagram as XYDiagram).SecondaryAxesY[0];
        chartAxis.AutoScaleBreaks.Enabled = breakEnabled;
WinForm Dashboard Designer - Custom Properties

Chart and Scatter Chart Item – Constant Lines – An Extension Module Example

We found that Constant Lines can be implemented using the aforementioned API set with extreme simplicity and elegance.

We plan to distribute an example which you will be able to download and use in your application.

Your end-users will be able to configure Constant Lines and bind to the constant value or to data bound to your Chart Item.

Year-Week Date Group interval

Some of you have asked us for this visualization option (for your DateTime scale - when grouping per Day is too narrow and grouping per Month is too wide). Though most requests related to charting, we believe this grouping option will be useful for multiple Dashboard Items.

You can implement similar functionality in the current version using double Argument grouping, but this approach has visualization and master-filtering limitations.

Text Box Item – Integrated Text-Box Editor

Text Box – Improved Web Dashboard Data Binding

Users will be able to edit a Text Box item's content within the Web Designer. We will publish a separate blog post explaining why the use of a Text Box Item can benefit your dashboards. Stay tuned!

Card Item Conditional Formatting

Card Item Conditional Formatting

We will introduce conditional formatting to our Dashboard's Card Item. With this feature, end-users will be able to create conditional formatting rules within the Designer via the same UI used by our Grid/Pivot Grid.

This feature will allow you to configure visual warnings/alerts/notifications when values fall within a specific range (and inform users if actions are required).

DevExpress Dashboard Backlog 2020

We will work on the following features/requests in our v20.2 development cycle. Unfortunately, most of these features require further research, so some may not be delivered in our v20.2 release cycle.

Chart Conditional Formatting

With conditional formatting, Dashboard Charts will be able to highlight values that correspond to specific criteria and allow you to add marks to corresponding Argument labels.

Chart Item – Trend Lines

Dashboard Chart Item - Trend Lines

We expect to use our calculation engine to generate pre-configured trend lines for a variety of analytics scenarios. Though you can use Window Calculations for this purpose, we believe our implementation (trend lines) will be more configurable and easier to use.

Web Dashboard with Framework-specific Wrappers

Web Dashboard with Framework-specific wrappers: React, Vue, Angular

Though the exact scope has yet to be defined, we hope to optimize DevExpress Dashboard so that it creates and processes events based on the web framework used.

We will consider Material Design support as a part of this task.

Improved Real-Time Dashboard Update Support

Based on significant interest in our Roadmap survey, we will explore ways to improve DevExpress Dashboard (WinForms, Web and WPF) so that it better supports real-time updates. We are considering the current enhancements:

  • Reworked and configurable loading indicators
  • An improved data update mechanism;
  • Use of data caches in the background;
  • Custom group intervals.

Pivot Grid – Filtering And Exploring Data Details

We hope to extend your data filtering options when using Pivot Grid Dashboard Items. Along with the API used to extend the Dashboard Designer, we hope to better address known usage scenarios.

JSON Data Source – Support Parameter Binding

With this feature, you will be able to bind Dashboard Parameter to JSON Data Source parameters.

Web Data Inspector – Easier Way to enable Excel Export

Many of you expressed a need to enable Excel Export within the Web Data Inspector popup. You can already incorporate this capability – please refer to the following help topic for more information: documentation.

We'll will update this help topic and improve the discoverability of this feature. We're also considering ways in which to simplify the usage of the JSZip library in an upcoming release.

WinForms State Management – Lifecycle

We hope to simplify state management for our WinForms Dashboard Viewer via a new event: OnStateChanged (this event will work much like its Web Dashboard counterpart).

Current Progress

Our Text Box Editor is ready for testing. We're going to make it available (as a preview version) in our next minor update (v19.2.6)

Other features (such as API to extend the Dashboard's lifecycle and Tab Item performance enhancements), should be ready for testing in an upcoming Early Access Preview build.

Your Feedback Matters

If you have any issues with this Roadmap or questions about implementation, feel free to submit a support ticket via the DevExpress Support Center, or post a comment below. We will be happy to follow up.

Thank you for your continued support!

The information contained within this blog post details our current/projected development plans. Please note that this information is being shared for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and does not represent a binding commitment on the part of Developer Express Inc. This roadmap and the features/products listed within it are subject to change. You should not rely on or use this information to help make a purchase decision about Developer Express Inc products.

Free DevExpress Products – Get Your Copy Today

The following free DevExpress product offers remain available. Should you have any questions about the free offers below, please submit a ticket via the DevExpress Support Center at your convenience. We’ll be happy to follow-up.
Neil C Harrington
Neil C Harrington
What about blazor support?
22 January 2020
Blago Culjak
Also +1 for Blazor support.
22 January 2020
Jose Isga
Jose Isga


Thank you for the information.

Are you planning to introduce Federation Data Source in Web Dashboard Designer like WinForm?

Thank you.

22 January 2020
Nate Laff
Nate Laff
I still need XPO Criteria filtering in collections. For example, Appointments[LocationId = CurrentLocationId()] can't do that.
22 January 2020
The absence of data federation on the Web Dashboard is something that gets in the way. Every commercial presentation we make of our product, customers ask if it is possible to combine an excel spreadsheet with an existing consultation. This is very necessary.
22 January 2020
Jonatas Hudler
Jonatas Hudler

Glad to see items extensibility coming to the drag panel!

Hope this will unlock many workarounds and enable each of us (Devexpress' costumers) take our own paths.


Regarding future plans, is in your backlog the ability to set color ranges in Gauges?

Related tickets: T476998, T652871, T399422

23 January 2020
Maxime Savard 3
Maxime Savard 3
Translate Dashboard. Same work you done with Report ?
23 January 2020
+1 for Blazor support.
23 January 2020
Baldur Fürchau
Baldur Fürchau
Year-Week Date Group interval:
It should also be useable by rangefilter and datefilter.
24 January 2020
Andrey (DevExpress)
Andrey (DevExpress)

@Neil C Harrington
@Blago Culjak
Thank you for your interest in using the DevExpress Dashboard on the Blazor platform. 

It is already possible to add the HTML/JS Web Dashboard to a Blazor application using the same approach as our colleagues from the Reporting team showed in their blog post:

We will create a similar example for the HTML/JS Dashboard control in a week, and you will be able to test this approach.

I'll be more than happy to get your feedback.
@Nate Laff
I need more info to help you overcome the issue you faced. Would you please create a support ticket and describe your case in greater detail?

@Jose Isga
I would also like to have Web Federation Wizard.
However, since Web Federation Wizard got a relatively low position in our Roadmap votation (only 11% of our customers voted for this feature, rank 13 of 16), and the estimated amount of work is quite large, I'm not ready to promise you that it's going to be available in 2020.
@Jonatas Hudler
While the Color Ranges feature is not in our 2020 Roadmap, I hope you will be able to implement it on your own using the new extensibility feature.

With this feature, you can store the configuration you need and then apply it in the viewer. It's possible to bind your additional options (i.e. color ranges min/max) to constant values and data fields (i.e. Hidden Measures).

@Maxime Savard 3
From what I gather, you want to let your end users create a localized version of their dashboard, which they currently create using our end-user Designers. If that is the case, I'm afraid that this feature is not in our immediate plans for 2020. However, it's still in our backlog, and we will monitor whether our users demand this feature.

Currently, you can modify most of dashboard captions using our Model API before you send the dashboard to your Viewer controls.

If you need assistance with this approach, do not hesitate to contact us in our Support Center.

@Baldur Fürchau
Thank you for your feedback.

This feature is still at the prototype stage. We are choosing the best UI/UX options for users. I'm not yet ready to share how it's going to work with the Calendar and Range Filter controls, but we will definitely ensure its compatibility.

28 January 2020
Greg Lelonek 1
Greg Lelonek 1
When is there going to be a runtime Dashboard Desktop Designer in WPF like the one in WinForms? I would really like to have dashboards a customer can generate in WPF.
10 February 2020
Simon Jones
Simon Jones

We need funnel chart support in WinForms Dashboard.

I know there is a programming workaround to enable it on a specific chart or dashboard, but it really needs a button in the UI so the users can chose it themselves.

14 February 2020
Brian Tsai
Brian Tsai
Does it support to add the event into Dashboard controls, so that we can show some additional information after pie chart showing? 
15 February 2020
Andrey (DevExpress)
Andrey (DevExpress)

@Greg Lelonek 1
Currently the WPF Dashboard Designer is not in our plans for 2020.
I can only suggest you embed the WinForms Dashboard Designer into your WPF app.
If you need assistance with this approach, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

@Simon Jones
I'll pass your request to our R&D team. 
Right now I can only advise that you consider other visualization options, such as bar charts or range bar charts

@Brian Tsai
Yes, we will definitely take the Dashboard Item Click scenario into account when designing the upcoming Dashboard Lifecycle extension feature.

I also want to let our readers know that we recently published a sample solution of integrating the DevExpress Web Dashboard in a Blazor application:

Dashboard for Blazor - How to use Web Dashboard within your Blazor Apps

18 February 2020
Igor Laktic
Igor Laktic
+ for Blazor support without workaround.
29 February 2020
Miro Mz
Miro Mz

Great improvements as always.

I was wondering if there are any new widgets coming in 2020 ? It has been a while since a new widget has been added, while other suites got some new items added in recent months/years that would be excellent additions and would enhance the visual library (Sankey, Sunburst, Funnel, Tornado etc).

Our solutions is hybrid WinForms/Web so looking for widgets supported across platforms with designer support as well.

17 March 2020
Andrey (DevExpress)
Andrey (DevExpress)

@Miro Mz
Thank you!
We are not going to introduce any new widgets in v20.1.
As for v20.2, our plans are not finalized yet. I'll pass your request for the listed items to our R&D team.

26 March 2020

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