DevExpress Dashboard - COVID-19 Dashboard by Impulze

First and foremost, we hope all of you are safe and in good health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all four corners of the globe. If you've been affected (directly or indirectly), please feel free to contact our Client Services Team for assistance. We are here to help and will do whatever we can to accommodate your needs.

The Spread of the Virus

Impulze recently published a dashboard that illustrates the scope of the pandemic. If you've used DevExpress Dashboard in the past, you may be familiar with some of the visualizations used. Our thanks to  Daniel Hall, Dwayne Mithoe, Euric Santi, and Randy Wilson for sharing this app with us. 

DevExpress Dashboard Impulze Coronavirus

The numbers are certainly scary. Please stay safe and follow WHO guidelines to help "flatten" the transmission curve. Together, we’ll get through this.

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