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It is safe to say that most .NET Web or Desktop applications are data driven. Increasingly, many of our customers are being asked to manage and analyze different data source types simultaneously (such as SQL Server, JSON, Microsoft Excel files, etc). Many are being asked to combine these disparate data source types into a single/unified/monolithic entity. Some of our users have little choice but to pre-process information from multiple data sources based on a schema before passing data to UI components. 

As you probably know, a few solutions exist for automated data processing. You can choose whether to pass data to a third-party library or a cloud service, develop a custom data processing procedure or combine both strategies. Of course, things can get complicated if you decide to create a custom data processing engine… 

We have a set of data source options that allow you to load input data into our UI components or into our integrated solutions (BI Dashboard, Reporting, XAF) with relative ease. But we understand that in the real-world, data processing methods may be complex and may include a set of custom operations (in addition to data loading) we are not aware of. To better understand your long term requirements, we would like to get feedback on the role of data processing within your current (or future) application.

Please tell us how you currently process data (or how you expect to process disparate data source types in the future) by completing the survey below.

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Marcelo Schostik
Marcelo Schostik

Hi Alex,

first at all thanks for giving a chance to express our thoughts about this topic.

Today the applications manage tons of data and analytics tools need to be very responsive because the companies that deliver dashboards are delivering very fast solutions...and the users wants solutions in this quality level.

I'am using XAF dashboard module...I like it...but it has two problems:

1) performance...more data more slow...

2) default automatic color palette for users simply says "good graphics and good navigability but what a ugly colors.."

I hope the futures changes on this regards will be positive.



7 June 2021
Alex (DevExpress Support)
Alex (DevExpress)

Hi Marcelo,

If the slow dashboard performance is specific to a particular layout, we are ready to test it locally and research possible optimization methods. If possible, submit a new ticket in the Support Center and share your sample dashboard layout and data snapshot file(s). We will check for a suitable solution.   

As for the Chart Item palette, use the CustomPalette event to replace the default palette with a custom one.

8 June 2021

Do you plan to migrate in the futur the Dashboard/Report server into native Blazor ?  

14 June 2021
Juan Valenzuela
22 June 2021
Dennis Gascoigne
Dennis Gascoigne

Shared data sources across web and desktop UI is increasingly common. In these situations it is essential that the data be consistently presented in whatever UI is used. A simple issue is with the display of html. This is improving, but is still an area for improvement.

Similarly, accessing data from a web API. The devex data library and devex controls are excellent, but using these API data sources from winforms applications widgets is not supported natively. It would be great if the grid could access the API ds just like the devextreme grid can

22 June 2021
Baldur Fürchau
Baldur Fürchau

We have actually no problem with the dashboard controls. The compatibility between winforms dashboarddesigner/dashboardviewer and webforms aspxdashboard are really great.

Different datasources can be used with objectdatasources. We have no requirements for native support of different databases.

We use separate assemblies for dataaccess so these can be used in winforms also in webforms without any problems. We don't use the devexpress data access libraries.

So shared datasources across platforms can already be used.

The performance of the dashboard is really good when the data is loaded. So servermode slows down the performance. In 64-bit i have no problem to work with 1 million of datarows with 15 or 30 columns. Our dashboards have sometimes more than 20 widgets in different tabs without any problem. Filters and drilldown are amazing fast.

Shure, the loading of 1 million rows from the database needs some minutes. But for web we have implemented an inmemory cache for the objectdatasources which can be loaded as soon as the database is changed. So the loading of the dashboard itself is as fast as the download (server to client) is possible. Additional: the cache is shared across sessions to consume less memory.

Our conclusion:

At the moment we have no additional requirements for datasources and performance, all is possible with the current available resources.
I think the future developement should bring additional widgets and support for already integrated features:

- Vertical Grid
- Treeview, not only as filter, should be used as drilldown for nodes
- Gantt
- Senkey
- Add pivottable or treeview as datasource to Chartwidget (possible in web also in winforms)

We are still waiting for it.

23 June 2021
Daniel 1424
Daniel 1424
Please add OPC UA Client as Datasource
24 June 2021
Mevluet Budak
Mevluet Budak
missing common protocols MQTT, OPC UA, AMQP,...
21 July 2021
Pietro Allegretti
Pietro Allegretti

I'd like to know if you have a plan to work on the Missing Values function and Parallel Period you anticipated in the 2019 Roadmap.

Thank you

25 July 2021

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