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It is safe to say that most .NET Web or Desktop applications are data driven. Increasingly, many of our customers are being asked to manage and analyze different data source types simultaneously (such as SQL Server, JSON, Microsoft Excel files, etc). Many are being asked to combine these disparate data source types into a single/unified/monolithic entity. Some of our users have little choice but to pre-process information from multiple data sources based on a schema before passing data to UI components. 

As you probably know, a few solutions exist for automated data processing. You can choose whether to pass data to a third-party library or a cloud service, develop a custom data processing procedure or combine both strategies. Of course, things can get complicated if you decide to create a custom data processing engine… 

We have a set of data source options that allow you to load input data into our UI components or into our integrated solutions (BI Dashboard, Reporting, XAF) with relative ease. But we understand that in the real-world, data processing methods may be complex and may include a set of custom operations (in addition to data loading) we are not aware of. To better understand your long term requirements, we would like to get feedback on the role of data processing within your current (or future) application.

Please tell us how you currently process data (or how you expect to process disparate data source types in the future) by completing the survey below.

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