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18 December 2006

A customer recently asked a familiar question we get about training on our products. We are discussing the possiblity of a Developer Express Conference.

So, I am interested to find out from you some specifics about the training/conference that will help us better understand your needs.

If you could select only three skills or product features to master at this conference, what would they be?

#1. _________________________

#2. _________________________

#3. _________________________

How much would you pay to attend a two-day Developer Express Conference loaded with technical content and devoted to increasing your proficiency and productivity with our components, tools, and frameworks?

(   )  $250 - $500
(   )  $500 - $750
(   )  $750 - $1000

If you could attend sessions from only two tracks of the following, which two would you attend?

[ ] Components
[ ] Tools
[ ] Frameworks

Would you give up a weekend to attend?

[ ] Yes, absolutely!
[ ] Maybe
[ ] Never

And any other thoughts you would like to share are welcome also.

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