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18 December 2006

A customer recently asked a familiar question we get about training on our products. We are discussing the possiblity of a Developer Express Conference.

So, I am interested to find out from you some specifics about the training/conference that will help us better understand your needs.

If you could select only three skills or product features to master at this conference, what would they be?

#1. _________________________

#2. _________________________

#3. _________________________

How much would you pay to attend a two-day Developer Express Conference loaded with technical content and devoted to increasing your proficiency and productivity with our components, tools, and frameworks?

(   )  $250 - $500
(   )  $500 - $750
(   )  $750 - $1000

If you could attend sessions from only two tracks of the following, which two would you attend?

[ ] Components
[ ] Tools
[ ] Frameworks

Would you give up a weekend to attend?

[ ] Yes, absolutely!
[ ] Maybe
[ ] Never

And any other thoughts you would like to share are welcome also.

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Renaud Bompuis
This is a great idea but I'm not sure how successful it would be to hold local events.
There is no way people like me can visit these conferences: I live on the other side of the planet and can't justify the cost.
The other thing though is that I would gladly pay US$100 to get access to useful online video trainings, tutorials and presentations on your components and frameworks.
Conferences and workshops are great but they only benefit a handful of people privileged enough to be able to attend, either because they're very rich or they are very close.
The good thing with an online video repository is that you can make short segments covering specific topics, from simple overview to really complex customizations. you could even have a voting system where subscribers would vote on which feature they would like to see first.

Now if I could attend a conference near me, I'd be ready to pay $500-700, have sessions on Components and Frameworks, give up a week-end and learn about XAF, getting the most of XtraReports and XtraScheduler components.
19 December 2006
I'm with the first poster.  I too live on the other side of the world and attending U.S. conferences just isn't feasible.  Even if one were held in my country, I probably wouldn't attend because of the time and cost involved.

Remember, many of Devexpress's customers are from Small ISV's.  Taking time out to attend a conference bites small shops at both ends.  First there is the cost of the conference and second is the time and income lost due to attending.

The ideal scenario for me would be webcasts where I can 'attend' from my desk, ask questions and get feedback. I already spend significant time poring over Microsofts Webcasts each month as they are a convenient and easy way to keep abreast of technologies and techniques.

Also, I LOVE the screencasts that DX have been doing and have gathered a great deal of info from them, particularly the Coderush screencasts with Mark and Julian.

As for subject matter, I'd like to see XPO, XAF and Xtra Reports covered in detail.  

Whether I'd be willing to pay extra for this is problematic.  In a way I see the training and information that DX provide as part of the overall appeal of the company, and it supports the sale of components.  Should the end user be obliged to pay for the components and then pay again for the knowledge on how to use them? It depends on your philosophy.
19 December 2006
Neil Donhauser
We will be starting to develop ASP.Net applications in the 2nd quarter of '07 so if this happens before then it would be perfect timing.  

Products: ASPxGrid, ASPxMenu, XtraReports
Payment: Up to $1000.
Tracks: Components & Tools
Weekend: Yes, absolutely.

Since we are just starting w/ ASP we would enjoy seeing a small sample project that takes you from start to finish.  We are still finding it difficult to get the overall flow of our pages to look right.

19 December 2006
Vassilis Perantzakis
I would suggest a longer period, perhaps 4 or 5 days and with a cost of up to 1200$. If it was done as a  global event in a place like Spain or Holland you could get a lot of foreign developers together, both from the US and Europe.

Otherwise such an event, 2-3 days, could even be combined with a Microsoft event with a cost of up to 500$, eg next November in Barcelona right before or after TechED 2007.
19 December 2006
Geoff Davis
Awwww... I live half way up in the UK!!!
19 December 2006
Scott Blood
I live in the UK as well and we were really hoping to start using a technology such as XPO, but the learning curv and the code changes required for this, make it a simple NO NO.

If there were a training course available in the UK by maybe a certified partner, we would most probably attend, just to see if the technology is for us, but unfortunately, because your based in america and i am in the UK, i cant just imagine the laughs i would get off my boss asking him for £3k to go to a conference he wouldn't understand or really want to :(
19 December 2006
Greg Shelton
XtraGrid, XtraReports, XPO


Components, Frameworks

Yes, I'd be willing to give up a weekend or a Friday/Saturday.

A US event should be in Vegas!  

19 December 2006
Ben Hayat
XAF,XPO, XtraReports
Tools, Frameworks
Yes, Weekend would be great!

I think if you make full video training, more people would be able to take advantage of it. Perhaps, the classes can be recorded and sold separately!

19 December 2006
I don't live at the other side of the world but you do ...  therefore attending a conference in the US is just out of the question.

I think the best option would be, like Renaud Bompuis and MrPeaBody said, webcasts or video tutorials. I think this would be more convenient for the vast majority of customer (just a guess).


- Pipo -
19 December 2006
Max Rubinstein
XtraGrid, Ribbons, skins
up to $1000
weekend is fine
anywhere in US
21 December 2006
Olaf Schilling
I don't think that a conference is a way many customers can paticipate of these interesting themes.
I would prefer webcasts or tutorial videos. Video training is an excelent way to get informed and you can see it again and again until you got it!

22 December 2006
Robert Kozak
Since I am only a few hours from Vegas I would attend along with 2 or 3 of my developers. I could swing it if the total cost was no more than $2500. I might be able to still do it if the cost was higher but I would have to argue a bit more for it.

XPO, XtraReports, XtraGrid but XPO is the most important.

We can give up a weekend or 3 days during the week.

Please let us know how this works out.

Robert Kozak

23 December 2006
Zack Jones
1 - dxcore, refactor pro, code rush
2 - 500 - 750
3 - tools
4 - yes, weekends are just days of the week that start with S, right? :)
24 December 2006
Daryn Kitchener
As a fairly new DevExpress customer, I have found that your controls really add that professional touch to our winform apps but now that we are getting more ASP.NET enquiry, we are finding it difficult to program some of these controls and cannot locate any real training on the things we want to achieve.

I agree with many others.  As a developer in Australia, the cost of a return trip to the US plus the course and all other fees would be just unrealistic.  I would prefer to see a number of video tutorials like the ones microsoft produced that show you the VS2005 screen whilst the presenter actually walks through various solutions.
11 January 2007
Sachin Pise
Sachin Pise

1. XtraGrid, XtraTree, XtraReports

2. 750-1000 USD

3. Tools

4. Yes, weekends would be perfect. But anyday is fine.

25 September 2007
Carlos Lopez_2
Carlos Lopez_2

XtraGrid, XtraReports. Data using stored procedures.

750 to 1K

Components, Frameworks

Yes, I'd be willing to give up a weekend or a Friday/Saturday.

I am agree, a US event should be in Vegas.

11 January 2009

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