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Bootstrap ASP.NET Core - .NET Core 3.1 Support
Blazor UI - 2021 Roadmap
Blazor UI Components - New Menu (Available now in v20.2.5)
Blazor Navigation and Layout - Grid Layout - Named Areas (available in v20.2.4)
ASP.NET Tips & Tricks (December 2020)
Blazor UI Components - Tips & Tricks (October – December 2020)
Blazor UI Components - Grid and Stack Layout for Blazor - Responsive Page Layouts (available in v20.2)
Scheduler for Blazor - Resources, Custom Fields, Form Customization (available in v20.2)
Data Grid for Blazor - Group and Total summary, Column Resize, Fixed Columns, and more (available in v20.2)
ASP.NET WebForms, MVC and Core - Tips & Tricks (July 2020)
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