Case Study: McTaggart Consulting recommends XtraReports

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19 February 2008

Mike McTaggart is a busy man who knows his stuff. He runs his consulting business and helps run the Los Angeles .NET User Group. Mike highly recommends XtraReports for WinForms and ASP.NET reporting. He says XtraReports has the best ease of use, best customization features, the simplest deployment and the best price. Who am I to argue? Wink

"When I first purchased XtraReports I had my first functional web report up and running within an hour after watching a couple of the tutorials." - M. McTaggart


When we first met, the first words out of Mike's mouth were, "I love XtraReports." Learn more about how XtraReports helped him with a current project that involves multiple platforms and different layers for customers:

Case Study: McTaggart Consulting


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