Case Study: McTaggart Consulting recommends XtraReports

19 February 2008

Mike McTaggart is a busy man who knows his stuff. He runs his consulting business and helps run the Los Angeles .NET User Group. Mike highly recommends XtraReports for WinForms and ASP.NET reporting. He says XtraReports has the best ease of use, best customization features, the simplest deployment and the best price. Who am I to argue? Wink

"When I first purchased XtraReports I had my first functional web report up and running within an hour after watching a couple of the tutorials." - M. McTaggart


When we first met, the first words out of Mike's mouth were, "I love XtraReports." Learn more about how XtraReports helped him with a current project that involves multiple platforms and different layers for customers:

Case Study: McTaggart Consulting


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Jafar Khayatpour

I too love xtraReports. It has enabled me to do things that are impossible with other report writers.

However, It is a bit buggy and regularly crashes visual studio.

20 February, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Mike,

Have you reported these issues about the crashes to our Support team? If not then please do so we can continue to improve the product.


20 February, 2008
Jafar Khayatpour

I have already reported the issues.It could be because these reports are integrated into a DotNetNuke Project.

21 February, 2008
João Alberto F. Novaes

Yes, it is an amazing tool.

Very portable, easy, flexible and it makes

great end-reports.

BUT....... it is useless when you need to print in dot-matrix


I have devExpress for 5 months now, and I really appreciate

the tools and the support (that I must say it is amazing, congrat boys...), but when my companny bought and we start to use it, I did 3 reports easy, and then my boss told me that those reports must be printed in a dot-matrix printer (the most part of my clients use it)........ the result ???

Completlly chaos !! Can´t read nothing !!

When I tryed some support, I discovered some old issues that reported that problem, I'm tracking those issues and today I write

my reports in a .txt file and print then with a vb6 tool. Nice uhm ?

21 February, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Dear Joao,

Obviously, our job is to deliver features you can use and when you encounter a problem, we have to address them wherever possible. The XtraReports team is working hard to add new features and make the product even better everyday and as you well know sometimes they miss the mark. I see that one of support engineers has worked with you in the past to provide a workaround. I recommend contacting me directly at mharry[at] so we can discuss this further and figure out a way to get your problem addressed in the most effective way possible.


22 February, 2008
Michael Palmer_1

My clients routinely use XtraReports to print tickets / reports on dot-matrix. I'm not sure what problems you could be facing. Thankfully, I've not come across any issue in this regard.

4 March, 2008

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