Free Silverlight datagrid released - Download now

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19 June 2008

Our new free Silverlight datagrid beta 1 has just been released and is available for download immediately!

Here's the official announcement:


This is an honest to goodness, no strings attached, free datagrid. Feature highlights:

  • Data Grouping and Sorting with multiple columns
  • Comprehensive Summary Computation against multiple columns
  • Row Editing
  • Row Preview (with animation)
  • Template Support (for cell content, cell editing, row preview and headers)
  • Multiple column types/editors

(and much more)

If you've been considering Silverlight development, you'll have to give this datagrid a try. If you're already doing Silverlight coding, then you should have already clicked through to download it, why are you still reading? ;)

Seriously, this is big news, click here to download the free AgDataGrid for Silverlight now.

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