Improved ASPxGridView Exporting for 2008 vol 2

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27 June 2008

We’ve made some major improvements to the exporting features for the ASPxGridView. The suggestions you provided were the main reason behind these improvements. So it pays to track and create suggestions. Thanks for the great feedback and expect these changes in the next major release, 2008 vol 2. Here’s the list of suggestions and improvements made:

Suggestion Details: Export - Add an ability to export a description of the exported ASPxGridView

Now you can add descriptive information into your exported files from the ASPxGridView. Output the date printed, page numbers, and other items which are inserted into the Title and Header sections. You can use the following new properties to add the descriptive information:

GridViewExporterHeaderFooter PageHeader;
GridViewExporterHeaderFooter PageFooter;

class GridViewExporterHeaderFooter {
  string Left { get; set; }
  string Center { get; set; }
  string Right { get; set; }
  FontInfo Font { get; }
  BrickAlignment VerticalAlignment { get; set; }

The following tags can be used (in the Left, Center and Right properties): [Page #], [Page # of Pages #], [Date Printed], [Time Printed] and [User Name].

Suggestion Details: GridViewExporter control with master and detail gridviews

The team worked hard to get it ready for you in time for the next release (I was pulling for this one as well). The ability to export the ASPxGridView with a master-detail layout has been added! You can now control the export mode of the detail grid. The following properties have been added:

GridViewDetailExportMode ASPxGridView.DetailSettings.ExportMode, { None, Expanded, All }. The default value is None. Set it to "Expanded" or "All" to export detail grids.
int ASPxGridView.DetailSettings.ExportIndex. The default is 0. Set it to "-1" to hide the detail grid from exporting.
int ASPxGridViewExporter.DetailVerticalOffset. The default value is 5
int ASPxGridViewExporter.DetailHorizontalOffset. The default value is 5

Suggestion Details: Export hyperlinks as hyperlinks, not as text

This minor fix will correct a small problem where hyperlinks were displayed as text in the exported file. They’ll now be displayed as proper hyperlinks in the exported file.

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Thank you for the info.

..but i have a doubt.... When will be available the 2008 Volume 2 version?.. in my customer section i can see the 2008.1.5 version... this mean that volume 2 is not ready yet?


27 June 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Cesar,

The beta for the 2008 vol 2 will be available very (very) soon. Smile

27 June 2008

The ability to export the ASPxGridView with a master-detail layout has been added is a very useful feature. Will it cascade down multiple levels both depth wise and width wise?

27 June 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hello Shankar,

Yes, you can export multiple levels since it's unlimited. You'll have the ability to say which detail grid to export using an option. The report width will be defined by the maximum width of all grids. However, our report export system handles this pretty well.

30 June 2008

Will I be able to add pictures to the header and footer ?

11 July 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Raz,

You can add the pictures to the header and footer templates but they don't currently export. I created a suggestion in the support center you can track here:

21 July 2008

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