ASPxPivotGrid 101: How To Get Started With A Pivot Grid For ASP.NET

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18 September 2008

Check out this 10 minute video that introduces you to the ASPxPivotGrid control. You’ll learn:

  • The basics of how a pivot table works
  • What a pivot grid looks like
  • How to use the ASPxPivotGrid in an ASP.NET website
  • Runtime features of the ASPxPivotGrid

What can the ASPxPivotGrid do for you? Suppose you’ve created a table or view in your database that represents some meaningful data about your product downloads. Using the ASPxPivotGrid, you can extract useful information from the data and find answers to such questions as:

  • What product has the highest download?
  • Which month has the highest downloads?

The ASPxPivotGrid is an interactive grid that takes your data and automatically extracts, organizes, and summarizes it. You can use the ASPxPivotGrid to analyze, compare, find patterns and relationships, and discover trends from the data.

Click the image below to watch the introduction to the pivot grids video:


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Jason Dreikorn
Jason Dreikorn

My system locks up every time that I try to watch this video.  Is there anything that you can do in order to allow me to view the vidoe?  Can you zip it so that I could download a smaller file?


6 October 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Jason,

The videos use Adobe Flash and I recommend upgrading to the latest version. You can also download the videos:

Look for the "Download movie" links on the tv site.

6 October 2008

i try to get data from oracle db and if i use SqlDataSource i have problam with oracle type = CURSOR , i try to use oracle reader but the DataSourceID property of 'ASPxPivotGrid1' must refer to an existing control and  there is no control with the specified ID: 'reader'.

25 May 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hello Orly,

Creating the OracleDataReader object called "reader" is correct. Unfortunately, OracleDataReader isn't a control that can be placed on a web page so that the ASPxPivotGrid can find it. Instead, create a DataTable object and fill it with the reader. For example:

DataTable table = new DataTable();


ASPxPivotGrid1.DataSource = table.DefaultView;

This will fill the ASPxPivotGrid with a data returned from the Oracle server. The DataSourceID property should be empty.

If this doesn't help then please open an issue in the support center and post the page code there. The support team will find help you.

26 May 2009
Victor Hernandez_1
Victor Hernandez_1

Hi Mehul

I try to use a SqlDataReader, loading the ASPxGridView from code, but I have two problems:

1) the filters columns are empty

2) after making some change, like page change, I lost all the data

did I missing something?

13 October 2009

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