Enhance ASP.NET Controls Performance – Part 1: Menu

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21 November 2008


Check out this 6 minute ASPxMenu video which introduces 2 new properties.

The EnableCallbacks and EnableCallbackCompression properties enhance the menu’s performance during page loads.

Watch the video to see:

  • What these properties do when enabled
  • How to enable the new properties (spoiler alert: Set them to True)
  • How to measure the performance gain using Fiddler (web debugging tool for internet explorer)

The speed improvements can be drastic in some cases. On our own home page, the initial HTML volume went from 210k to 130k !

Click the image to check out the ‘new look’ video. Then drop me a line here if you look forward to speeding up your website.

Be sure to also check out the related videos below which highlight the performance improvements for all DevExpress ASP.NET controls.

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