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02 December 2008

The DXperience 2008 Volume 3 release is now available for download. Included with it is the new ASP.NET filter control for the ASPxGridView.

The ASPxFilterControl comes in two flavors: one version is built into the ASPxGridView and the other is a stand alone version. There are some differences and benefits to both versions. Check out this follow-up video on the ASP.NET filter control to learn these differences and which one may better suit your needs:

 ASPNET Filter Control movie

Related Videos:

ASPxFilterControl introduction video

With the new version there are now 3 different ways to filter the grid:

  1. Filter Row
  2. Header Filter
  3. Filter control

Which one do you prefer?

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I want to use one standalone filter for multiple controls(gridview, reports, pivotgrid)

how do I use this control or where do I find more docs?


18 December 2008

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