Part 2: Compress AJAX Callbacks - Enhance ASP.NET Controls Performance

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04 December 2008

Check out this 5 minute video ASPNET Callback Compression moviewhich shows how to ‘Enhance Performance With Callback Compression’.

The EnableCallbackCompression property speeds up your website by compressing the data sent over an AJAX callback (using our controls). Compression is great because:

  • Speeds up the network by reducing traffic
  • Pages respond faster
  • Relatively cheap way to get a performance boost

For controls like the ASPxScheduler, which has a lot of information to send/receive over a callback, compression is a welcome addition. However, you may not always want to use this feature with every control. Watch the video to learn when to Not to compress callbacks. Wink

And in the video you’ll also:

  • See a comparison of the compression turned Off and On (using Fiddler)
  • Learn when to use this property (and when not to)
  • See exciting stats we saw when testing this feature

To try this feature in your own websites, grab a copy of DXperience 2008 volume 3 and set the EnableCallbackCompression property to true!

This is the 2nd post on the very cool performance enhancements we introduced in this latest release. In the next and last post on this series, I’ll introduce the Combine Scripts feature.

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Until then, check out the part 2 video on compressing callbacks and try this feature in your own web projects. Then drop me line here on how much you love this new feature!

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