Enhance ASP.NET Controls Performance - Part 3: Scripts Combined Automatically

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05 December 2008
Combine Scripts Video Image

Check out this 4 minute video which shows the new 'Automatic Combine Scripts' feature of DevExpress ASP.NET controls.

The term 'Combine scripts' refers to combining several JavaScript files into one file. Watch the Combine Scripts video to learn why this is important and how this feature will help you get better performance.

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Did I mention that this feature doesn't require you to code or set any properties? The scripts are automatically combined by each DevExpress ASP.NET product from the the 2008 volume 3 release.

Check out the video and then be sure to leave some feedback here on how much faster your website runs with the new performance features.

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This is a great enhancement...thanks for explaining it.

7 December 2008
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9 December 2008
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Here are 3 reasons to make fewer web request calls and why it benefits your website: Browser Connection

10 December 2008
Mrb na
Mrb na


I need a web hosting company features Devexpress support.

Please help me. thanks.

28 March 2011
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

You might try posting the hosting company question on our forums to see what other DevExpress customers might be using.

We at DevExpress don't keep list or have any specific recommendations as our controls should work on all ASP.NET environments. :)


28 March 2011

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