3 Reasons To Reduce ASP.NET Server Requests

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10 December 2008

Pipes_Sculpture_stock1_By_MDFS_by_Mrs_Dani_Filth_Stock Here are 3 reasons to make fewer web request calls and why it benefits your website:

Browser Connection Limit

Internet Explorer only allows two simultaneous connections to any single domain. Other browsers allow anywhere from 2 to 5-6 connections at a time. IE8 will support 6 connections per host.

However, by reducing the number of requests, you help the end users to load pages faster. Since they don't need to wait for additional requests/connections to become available.

Best Practice

Best practice guidelines from Microsoft, Yahoo and many others recommend fewer requests for better response time.

Less HTML Volume

Resource URLs in ASP.NET can be long in length (about 250 bytes). So by combining files you reduce the overall HTML volume.

And these benefits are available now with the new Combine Scripts feature. Upgrade to the latest DXperience 2008 volume 3 release and check out the latest performance enhancements.

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