Case Study: Raindrops Server from Prognex

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12 January 2009

image  New startup Prognex has created Raindrops, a slick web application that uses just about every DevExpress ASP.NET control. The web app is loaded with enterprise goodness, it packs in the functionality of a CRM, ERP, and more!

Yang Yu, Prognex CEO and Cofounder, sent us a special Raindrops demo login just for DevExpress blog readers so you can check it out. Use these credentials below to login and experience the slick Raindrops web client:

Password: success

Once on the site, navigate around and you'll see DevExpress ASP.NET controls in action. Also, be sure to check out Yang's "Controls Utilization [login required]" article which specifically lists the DevExpress controls and where they're used in the site.

Then check out this case study where Yang Yu discusses:

  • Raindrops Server functionality/features
  • How they chose DevExpress
  • DevExpress Controls used in the project
  • Time and cost savings using DevExpress

Click here to read the Developer Express Case Study: Prognex Corp

Readers, do me a favor will you? Leave a comment here with some kind words for Yang to let him know what you like about the Raindrops web app.

Thanks, Yang, for sharing your fantastic work with us!

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Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Btw, the website is still in the beta stage so there may be an occasional bug.

13 January 2009
Christoph Brändle
Christoph Brändle

Yang Yu, you should consider silverlight very soon!

14 January 2009
Jeffrey Robinson
Jeffrey Robinson

Looks great - as anything would based on DevExpress controls!

It is quite slow though - not sure if just for me, or it's how it is

16 January 2009
Yang Yu

we are in the process of upgrading our servers, sorry for speed. I assure you the slowness is due to connection speeds to our temp server and not the controls or our software.

16 January 2009
Denny Upadhyaya
Denny Upadhyaya

How did you do the transparent Login window ?

23 January 2009
Yang Yu

hi Denny,

To achieve transparency the major browsers support it in css as




-moz-opacity: 0.8;

opacity: 0.8;


in the above case, the transparency is 80% which means 20% of the background will show through.

you can then apply this css class to an aspxRoundPanel as cssClass = 'TransparentPanel' to achieve the login window effect.


30 January 2009

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