DevExpress Plans for ASP.NET in 2009

22 January 2009

iStock_000007736556XSmall Check out this list of the planned features and controls for our ASP.NET products in 2009. The ASP.NET team has put together an aggressive list of items and it looks to be an exciting year.

Along with the new controls like the mask editor, check combobox/listbox, rating control, there's also major features added. Two major features of ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 are Dynamic Data and the ASP.NET MVC framework and we're going to be supporting both. Stay tuned for more news on these features in the coming weeks. Wink

The team is also reviewing several of your suggestions which may be included in 2009. In fact, they've already reviewed and implemented several of them.


  • ASP.NET MVC framework support
  • Server installation
  • Dynamic Data support
  • Further optimization of ASP.NET controls rendering


  • Mask editor
  • ASPxListBox – Multi-select mode
  • ASPxComboBox – Multi-column data presentation
  • CheckComboBox
  • CheckListBox 
  • ASPxGridView - Multi-header columns
  • ASPxGridView - Keyboard support
  • ASPxComboBox - Ability to filter or fill dropdown items (like Google search)
  • HtmlEditor column
  • ColorPickerEdit
  • ASPxComboBox - Show the selected item's image within the edit area
  • Horizontal scrolling
  • Fixed Columns


  • Table editing
  • Visual selector for Image dialog /ImageManager/
  • Dialog to insert document links to edit document
  • Ability to change the editor's size using Drag&Drop
  • Custom dialogs


  • SplitterControl
  • Multi-line tabs for ASPxTabControl
  • Validation Summary
  • RatingControl — 5-star control
  • CaptchaControl

As of this post, the list above covers the ASPxGridView, ASPxperience, and ASPxHtmlEditor Suites. However, keep an eye on our blogs for more information soon.

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Jim Leary

Any chance of a FormView replacement? I've been using the ASPxGridView in edit mode for this in some cases for consistency, but a separate control would be great. It seems like most of the plumbing is there already.

22 January, 2009

Captcha!!! Finally!!! :D

22 January, 2009
Chris W Walsh

Jim, use the ASPxDataView as seen here

22 January, 2009
Anirudh Sirohi

Do you have a plan for SilverLight controls?

22 January, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Jim,

We'll definitely consider the FormView and see if we can add it in the 2009 plans somewhere. Hmm

22 January, 2009
Jim Leary

Hi Chris,

The example you references is a little different than what I wanted, but thank you. I basically want the same functionality as the ASP.NET FormView, but with Ajax enabled DevExpress controls and methodology. Basically an edit form with "smart" update/insert/delete capabilities and callbacks. It is really similar to what the ASPxGridView has already without the grid!

22 January, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Anirudh,

Yes, please see the Silverlight post for the 2009 plan:

22 January, 2009
Dethmer Kupers

Would like to see a date and time picker control (Vista style) for the ASPxScheduler control. At the moment have to type in the time....... That is so 2008 like.  

23 January, 2009


23 January, 2009
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23 January, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Roy,

Not sure if we'll get to this suggestion but I recommend tracking it for updates on a time picker control:

23 January, 2009
Christopher Todd


Speaking of Silverlight... I proposed an idea back in June about free-form grids w/ Silverlight. The idea is similar to what Jim said. It would be nice if what Jim mentioned existed in both ASP.NET and Silverlight. I'm an old school PowerBuilder programmer and I miss using its datawindow technology. Very RAD!!

23 January, 2009
chandresh soni

Do you have any plan date of when in 2009 this features would be released?

26 January, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Chandresh,

The features listed above will appear in one of the 3 major releases during the year. Unfortunately, we don't have exact dates/releases for all the features. Some of them like the mask editors will be in the first release of 2009, coming in March.

26 January, 2009
Grant Dunoon

Hi Mehul,

Could we please have the Table Editing options as a dropdown button in the same way as the color selector. Putting the Table Editing buttons on a toolbar would clutters the form and consumes valuable space. The ideal spot would be beside the "insert image". Thanks  

28 January, 2009

And add FLV playback support into the ASPxObjectContainer...

29 January, 2009

we start web application as client/server model using (MVC)

categorized into three parts:

-User Interface

-Business or Application Logic

-Data Management

we need

-user interface code  run at client side

-cashing data  at  client side

-GridView sort , filter ,navigation at the client

we study the current DX component

but it is not support our needing

Is the New ASP.NET in 2009 give us what we need ?


29 January, 2009

DevExpress technologies for Visual Studio .NET help you build your best, reduce the amount of code you

5 February, 2009
James Birnie

Wow that's a great list guys - best of lick, am really looking forward to it.

Could I also suggest supporting drag/drop of rows within a the same grid, or ideally also to/from other grids:

8 February, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi James,

The suggestion has been accepted however we don't yet know which release it will make it into or if it will be part of 2009. We'll certainly keep it in mind and try to implement it sooner.


9 February, 2009
The ASPx Blog - Mehul Harry's DevExpress Blog

Check out this 3 minute horizontal scrolling Screencast which shows you one of the upcoming features

11 March, 2009
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28 May, 2009

Hello, do you have an expected release date for your Captcha control?  Thanks!

11 June, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hello Mike,

The captcha control release date is still being determined but it will probably be closer to late this year.

11 June, 2009

nice posting thank you

13 July, 2009

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