How To Integrate ASP.NET Charts with Pivot Grid

06 March 2009

Check out this ASPxPivotGrid screencast which shows you how to display data from the pivot grid in a graphical web chart:


The video walks you through the following topics for your web projects:

  • Using the Ajax UpdatePanel and UpdateProgress
  • Add and bind an ASPxPivotGrid control
  • Add and bind a web chart control (XtraChart) to the pivot grid
  • Add a check box to dynamically change the values used for the chart

Click the image above and watch the video. Then drop me a line here and let me know if you’re using the pivot grid or the chart controls.

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Tonnie van Gennip


When I try to bind a webchart control to the AspXPivotGrid that I created, and want to add a series, I get nothing back when I click the ArgumentDataMember field. In the video, the series get created thru code, but shouldn't it also be possible via the way I described?



15 April, 2009

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