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25 March 2009


Check out this case study from M and M Software which shows a cool web interface built using the same DevExpress ASP.NET controls that are available to you.

Web-based Filing Cabinet

M and M Software's new web app, "My Private Filing Cabinet" let's users get rid of their old filing cabinets and store important data online. They used DX controls to make it fast, feature rich and give it a professional designer look.

This web based application provides features so the users can get rid of their old fashioned filing cabinets. It's called the 'My Private Filing Cabinet' website and it allows you to record and maintain your important information in one comprehensive location.

Benefits Of Choosing DevExpress

Click the image to get a closer look and you'll notice the website was built with DevExpress ASP.NET controls. Adding DevExpress controls to their app gave M and M advantages like:

Superior User Interface

"We've seen it all during our rigorous search for superior user interface controls and there is nothing better than the Developer Express suite of .NET components" – Gregg Mercede, M and M Software

Time To Market

"We began writing our own calendar components until we discovered DevExpress. It is as easy to use as Outlook and more importantly it's on the web. The tons of events DevExpress delivers with their components automates so much code than other companies we have investigated. DevExpress Suite has saved us hundreds of man hours in development." – Gregg Mercede, M and M Software

Click here and read the full M and M Software case study.

Online Demo

Test drive the site now:

Password   guest1234

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Garth Henderson
Garth Henderson

Did M&M use XAF?

26 March 2009
Renaud Bompuis
Renaud Bompuis

Nice application and smart idea too.

28 March 2009
Wood Man
Wood Man

Did M&M use XAF? and, Does the Home Page use new template?

How do you custom the home template?

thanks in advance.

29 April 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

M and M software used DevExpress ASP.NET controls.

29 April 2009

Hmm, a Web-based Filing Cabinet

1 August 2009

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