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31 March 2009

We asked you to tweet your love for DevExpress to win a $50 gift card to Starbucks. And the response was overwhelming.

We love you guys and your entries made us blush.  Be sure to follow @DevExpress on twitter streams and the blogs for future contests.

The DevExpress community is the best!

The Big Winners - $50 Starbucks Gift Card

Guay_normal jrguay: I love @DevExpress because they make me work faster.
Stop3_normal robertlinton: @devexpress "I love @DevExpress because ... their Silverlight controls rock: AgLayoutControl and AgGridControl...nothing like 'em
Default_profile_normal Shinjifei: I love @Devexpress because i don't have to use crystal report anymore.
RoryBecker: I love @DevExpress because ... RefactorPro is a tool I could not do without.
Daveoharaheadshot-square_normal davidmohara: [I love  @DevExpress because] CodeRush has saved my wrists...and my marriage.

Honorable Mention - $10 Starbucks Gift Card

Cm_normal thecodemonk: I love @DevExpress because they care about their customers and quickly respond to issues and concerns.
Johnpattison100x100_normal jrpattison: I love @DevExpress because XAF helps me produce jaw-dropping line-of-business software at an affordable price.
N552085688_7501_normal tillig: I love @devexpress because Visual Studio is nearly impossible to extend without DXCore.
Twitpic_normal ByteMaster: I <3 @devexpress because I can keep my fingers on the keyboard and way from the mouse with CodeRush
Default_profile_normal mudnug: @devexpress I love @DevExpress because their controls look good.
Me2_normal onesmartguy: CodeRush helps me code at lightning speed unlike me trying to tweet this msg..maybe TweetRush soon?
Jungchanavator2_normal JungchanHsieh: I love @DevExpress because it lifts my productivity.
Avatar_normal ncsoftware: I love @DevExpress because ...it's an all-in-one suite and I no longer am called a component collector! :)
ncsoftware: I love @DevExpress because ...it is seriously the finest component suite one could ask for! Quality, features, one suite that does it all!
ncsoftware: I love @DevExpress because ...the docs rock, videos are awesome, subscription is very affordable, people are great, support is great...
Me_normal jimbarnett: I love @DevExpress because CodeRush/Refactor Pro/XtraCharts are awesome, their licensing doesn't suck,... and Mark Miller's giant head.

Fun Entries

Me21_normal JohnJustin: I love @DevExpress because Mark Miller hypnotized me with his huge bald head
Amelieresult_normal moijojojo: I LOVE @DevExpress because they're lucky enough to have that talented Jude Law-lookalike @JMBucknall on board. RESULT!
RoryBecker: I love @devexpress.. but it's really time to get some sleep. … :P

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