Video Case Study: DevExpress Helps Mining Industry

06 April 2009

Video Case Study: GeoMEM and DevExpress Curious about what types of applications DevExpress customers are writing and which industry they use them in? The GeoMEM video case study will surprise you.

Drilling Boreholes

WinForms Developer Barry Carr gives us a great demo of GeoMEM's Calibrate application (used by the mining industry). The application helps calibrate 'borehole survey tools' devices.

Check out Barry Carr's excellent video screencast of GeoMEM's Calibrate application and learn more about boreholes, mining and using DevExpress to create applications.

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Robert Fuchs

Don't want to show up as bad-tempered, but if you definitely want to see how a Welcome-you-are-logged-in-as-Herbert-screen built with DX components looks like, you should absolutely watch this video.

On the other side, you won't see anything else...

7 April, 2009
Renaud Bompuis

Always nice to see how other people are using the components.


8 April, 2009
Robert Fuchs


I didn't see very much except a "Welcome - You are logged in as: Name" 90% of the time.

Not the purpose of a video, i'd say.

9 April, 2009
Gary Short (DevExpress)

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your feedback. We always welcome constructive feedback here. Barry did have the one screen open for a while, but if you listen to what he's saying he is setting the scene and telling you what his company does and what they needed this application for. He then goes on to show which of our components he has used. I think this is exactly what you need from a video case study, no?

9 April, 2009
Robert Fuchs


I do not agree. The Welcome screen was not open "for a while", as you say, but for most of the time of the whole video.

The rest are one or two "trivial" screens like the above screenshot.

He did explain a lot, ok, maybe woth a mp3?

9 April, 2009

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