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09 April 2009

Video: DXperience Unified Installer Check out the DXperience Unified .NET installer video which shows you how to run and select options of our .NET installer.

The installer combines 3 major DevExpress products:  .NET controls, CodeRush+Refactor Pro and eXpress App Framework.

This video covers:

  • product selection options
  • online/offline registration
  • licensed vs. trial version
  • upcoming changes

If this is your first time with DevExpress then you'll find this video very helpful.

Click here to watch the DXperience unified installer video.

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In the next version you talk about "Installer from the web". To be honest, I don't like installer from the web:) A good way is be able to choose, the full package or "from the web".

Don't forget, some person (like me) are behind a proxy and can have some trouble to install. Example, the "Silverlight tools" from Microsoft. During installation, the installer new to download the last runtime version but that's not work behind a proxy ....

10 April 2009
Chris Walsh [DX-Squad]
Chris Walsh [DX-Squad]


Installers can function behind proxies, just means your settings are not configured properly, the Silverlight Tools installer also works behind proxies.

Mehul, love the video!

13 April 2009
John Demigor

Could you please provide a universal installer without freeware vs.net refactoring tools? Our corporate policy forbids usage of freeware, by using this new installer we have to call system administrator every time to upgrade, modify or repair installation.

Please remove freeware plugins to permit usage of the setup by developers as it was before.

Thank you in advance

13 April 2009
Max V. Evseev (DevExpress)
Max V. Evseev (DevExpress)


We'll provide a full installer as well, for those who need it.


With the upcoming maintenence update we'll offer such an installer. It will be published this week.

13 April 2009

good article and keep posting thank you

24 May 2009

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