Video Case Study: Activity Control with RIA Services In Silverlight 3

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24 April 2009

Video: Case Study with Chris Walsh showing Silverlight 3 and AgDataGrid Demo

Check out the AgDataGrid and Activity Control in Silverlight 3 video which shows off some interesting new technologies.

Chris Walsh is a smart developer who loves cutting edge technology like Silverlight and DevExpress. And you can usually find him hanging out in our ASP.NET or Silverlight forums helping out other developers.

In this video, Chris shows you a cool project that uses:

  • Silverlight 3 Beta
  • .NET RIA Services CTP
  • Activity Control (from David Poll)
  • DevExpress 2009 volume 1

Download Sample Project

This zip file contains the necessary code files mentioned in the video.

Click here to download: []


Click the image and watch the video. Then do me a favor and leave Chris some kind words for sharing with us all. Feel free to ask Chris any questions as he'll be watching this blog post.

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