4 Beautiful And Free Wallpapers for DevExpress Fans

06 July 2009

Check out these 4 gorgeous DevExpress wallpapers below. AJ, one of the DevExpress graphics designers, has put together these stunning desktop wallpapers for you.

Click any of the images below to see a high resolution version. Then save it to your local machine and set it as your desktop background. Cool

Which background is your favorite?

DevExpress Silver Background Image

DevExpress Bling Background Image

DevExpress Blue Background Image

DevExpress XtraGrid Background Image

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6 July, 2009
Chris Walsh [DX-Squad]

What about 2560 x 1024 res for those with dual screens?

6 July, 2009
Geoff Davis

Very nice and i've tried them all... but... get rid of that glow effect on the blue one over the 's', it's too bright, doesn't seem to belong and spoils it IMHO. The XtraGrid one is the best, it's not too bright and blends into my desktop nicely. The only issue with it though is that the DevExpress logo doesn't fit nicely on Windows 7 because the taskbar is bigger! Now, if you could do one with the word 'DevExpress' like the 'XtraGrid' one but in pale blue or even the same colour, that would be awesome.

These are just my comments and not meant to de-moralise AJ's efforts, it's a job well done overall so well done AJ.

6 July, 2009
Sigurd Decroos

Hmm, give me me the logo in EPS format and I'll have some fun with my 3D render app :)

I like the black an blue ones, but the shine on the s is indeed too bright.

6 July, 2009
Hideaki Kusaka

Cool!! I Like IT!!! Thanks.

6 July, 2009
Claudio Piffer

wow cool!!!


7 July, 2009

Someone got some new graphics software! :)

Very nice work!  Your graphics people (skins, etc.) are a big part of your success!  The unsung hero's!

7 July, 2009

Thanks for your comments guys, you've made good points. I make this artwork on my spare time to keep up to date with the new design concepts being currently used. This was a fun project and if more should come up in the future, I would like to share it with you guys again.

7 July, 2009

>> What about 2560 x 1024 res for those with dual screens?

You can use a tool like ULTRAMON to create the version that u need. It has a make wall paper feature.


7 July, 2009

For all those who aew WOW'd and think these wallpapers are AWESOME - all I have to say is you need to find a girlfriend who's last name isn't .jpg   :-)

23 December, 2009

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