Case Study: Help & Manual Creates Revolutionary UI

07 July 2009


Check out this week’s case study with EC Software. Help & Manual, their flagship product, is an XML authoring tool for web-based and local online help (along with print documentation and PDF files). Their latest release, version 5, packs some pretty cool features:

  • User Interface
  • Multi-User Authoring
  • Pure XML
  • Skins and Snippets
  • Premium Packs

They have created a fantastic new UI for Help & Manual 5 using DevExpress controls. Check out the screenshots below:

Help & Manual - Main Application Window

Help & Manual - UI Details

Read the full EC Software case study to see how they redesigned and rebuilt their flagship product.

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Steve Sharkey

I knew I loved Help & Manual for a reason....

Having evaluated many packages this was the one that won by some margin - it didn't have some of the features included in other packages but it had a clean interface that assisted without getting in the way and was easy to pickup and use. This is key to allowing the writer to concentrate on helpful help rather than using the package. Nice to know I have indirectly contributed more to the DX coffers....

8 July, 2009
Jens Fudickar [DX-Squad]

The cool thing is:

This is advertising for the VCL CONTROLS :-)

Kind regards


8 July, 2009
Junior Thurler

It's good read the case studies that the OLD AND GOOD Delphi remains lives in good applications and is good to DevEx to know that many bussiness stil uses VCL Controls in yours applications (like mine).

8 July, 2009
Saif Khan

Dou you guys have a page editor with margins?

8 July, 2009

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