ASP.NET Controls Now Support Internet Explorer 8 Standard Mode

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16 July 2009
Neon IE Logo by Chris Wilson (IETeam)

A lot of us web developers don’t use Internet Explorer as our daily surfing web browser. But the fact that it’s still the most dominant browser means that we’ll be supporting it for quite a while.

In fact, the lastest version is pretty darn cool. Internet Explorer 8 with its performance improvements, accelerators, smarter address bar, and safety features is impressing a lot folks.

So, in the next DXperience 2009 volume 2 release, we’ve added:

Support for IE8 Standard Mode

All our ASP.NET controls are now correctly rendered for use with Internet Explorer 8 (standard mode).

Yup, all of them. And a special thanks goes to Microsoft for helping with ongoing issues which many of you have reported.

Have you and/or your organization upgraded to IE8?

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