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22 July 2009

Check out this great new ASP.NET Theme feature in the DevExpress DXperience 2009 volume 2 release:

Single DLL For ASP.NET Skins/Themes

Single DLL For Easier Deployment

DevExpress ASP.NET Controls now provide a single DLL file that has all the themes packaged within it.

This makes it much easier to deploy our components with the themes. Instead of having to deal with multiple CSS files and images in a hierarchical folder structure (subfolders), all you need now is to copy the DevExpress.Web.ASPxThemes.v9.2.dll file.

The DevExpress.Web.ASPxThemes.v9.2.dll file can typically be found in the following folder:

C:\Program Files\DevExpress 2009.2\Components\Sources\DevExpress.DLL\

New HTTP Handler Benefit

The new DevExpress HTTP Handler takes care of obtaining all the required resources for the selected ASP.NET control’s theme. In fact, the theme images and CSS are in a compressed state within the single DLL. And all you need to deploy our controls is to move the themes DLL file - images in sub-folders are not needed anymore.

Where’s AppThemes?

Because the theme files are now packed in a single DLL file, the ASP.NET AppThemes folder is no longer required by our ASP.NET controls when you choose one of our default themes. For example, here’s a screenshot of the ASPxGridView with the ‘Red Wine’ theme applied:

Visual Studio 2008: No AppThemes Folder

Did you notice how there’s no AppThemes folder in the Visual Studio project? Smile 

[UPDATE] Yes, if you apply a theme to our controls as an ‘AutoFormat’ then the AppThemes folder isn’t necessary. However, if you use our themes as standard ASP.NET themes then you’ll need the files in your AppThemes folder. To learn how to copy them over, check out the follow-up to this post: Custom ASP.NET Themes And The New ASP.NET Skins DLL [/UPDATE]


The DevExpress DXperience 2009 volume 2 release packs a ton of great new stuff to play with. Check out some of the other features included in this release:


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