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06 November 2009

Check out this CodeRush in the Cloud screencast with Rory Becker. The video shows you how to use Microsoft’s free Live Mesh service to synchronize your CodeRush settings across multiple machines.

The video covers:

  • Which CodeRush settings to synchronize
  • How to setup Microsoft Live Mesh for CodeRush
  • Other useful CodeRush in the cloud scenarios for development teams:
    • Team settings, templates for common practices, shortcut keys
  • Live Mesh web security concerns
  • How developers like to relax aka gaming!

Video: CodeRush In The Cloud

Click the image above and watch the ‘CodeRush In The Cloud’ video. Then drop me a line below with your feedback please.

Rory and I both love the convenience of cloud storage services. How do you use these cloud services like Microsoft Live Mesh or DropBox?

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