PDC Video: Brian H. Prince, Microsoft Architect Evangelist

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30 November 2009

Check out this video interview with Brian H. Prince from Microsoft:

PDC 2009: Video Chat w/Brian H. Prince

Brian is an Architect Evangelist for Microsoft who’s also actively involved in the .NET developer community. In the video, Brian discusses:

  • What is an “Architect Evangelist”?
  • How Brian defines “architecture” and why it’s important
  • Top items for developers to learn from PDC 2009
  • Azure. Azure. Azure. Geez, it’s like he’s writing a book on Azure. Oh wait, he is.
  • What Azure means for ASP.NET developers now
  • Testing Azure on your local machine
  • Hilarious microphone malfunction, btw, I, umm, meant to do that
  • Developer Soft Skillz: The post and the webcast series

And all this with the Beatles cover band The Backbeats playing in the background. :)

Your Feedback Is Appreciated

Check out the full Brian H. Prince video interview by clicking on the image above. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the various items discussed in video. Drop me a line below.

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