Video: Get An Edge In The Stock Market

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05 January 2010

Check out this video interview with the EdgeRater creator, Chris White. Chris has a passion for the stock market. So he quit his day job at Microsoft, put his head down and developed EdgeRater.

EdgeRater is a stock market backtesting and scanning application that gives you an edge with chart analysis, customization and tons of detail. Chris’ passion, focus, and hard work drove him to implement this fantastic tool.

Click the image below and watch the Chris White PDC video interview:

PDC Video: Chris White Demos EdgeRater

In the video, Chris demos EdgeRater and describes how he used the DevExpress tools to save time and create a great user interface.

To learn more about EdgeRater, visit:

After watching the video, please be sure to leave some feedback for Chris and his EdgeRater application. Thanks Chris!

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Video: Get An Edge In The Stock Market - The ASPx Blog - Mehul … Type

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6 January 2010

That is a slick product...

6 January 2010
Richard Beezley
Richard Beezley

Impressive... Is the chart displayed in the graphic above using Xtracharts and if so how do you turn on the cross-hairs? I have not seen that feature in any of the online demos, but have missed it.

6 January 2010
Chris White

Thanks Heather and Richard,

Richard, the series chart is a custom written component that has been specifically developed for charting stocks. I needed to develop this as a one-off due the the requirements of candlestick charting and interactivity for this particular application.

6 January 2010
Steve Sharkey

I guess as it was custom built then the bolinger band is not a feature of the dev x charting component (yet). I am increasingly looking for statistical type functionality for a couple of my clients - one in particular is measuring in 10 minute intervals water quality (this is the water used as an input for a chemical process) something that gives me analysis of the movement of figures over several readings would be very useful!

Very nice looking app by the way - but the technicalities of the stock market is beyond me...

7 January 2010

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