Installer File Size Reduced - v2010 vol 1

22 March 2010

Russian Nesting Dolls The DevExpress DXperience installation file size will be about 1/2 size of its current 300+ megabytes! Starting with the v2010.1 installer, you’ll have less to download.


The documentation files have been removed from the DXperience installer. However, a separate installer with just the documentation will be available for download.


The DXperience v2010.1 is our first major release that will support Visual Studio 2010 (VS2010).

VS2010 has a new help system which would require us to include help in the old VS2008 style and the new VS2010 style. This would increase our installer file size up to 450 megabytes!

And since the help documentation is not always updated in each of the minor releases, we’ve moved the documentation to its own installer. Now, you can download the help documentation during the two major releases instead of for each minor release.

Search.DevExpress.Com FTW!

Personally, I prefer to use the online documentation available at It’s fast and up to date!

Look for the v2010.1 release coming out in the April 2010 timeframe. If you’re DXperience subscriber, you’ll get access to the v2010.1 beta a week or two before its official release!

DXperience? What's That?

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Chris Walsh [DX-Squad]

That is awesome!! :)  Great work again guys, now if we can only get an installer without the DEMO's too it would be even smaller ;)

22 March, 2010
Grant Levy

I don't care for this idea.  I want to install the documentation and keep it local so I can simply press F1 when I need to know about something.  What I really would prefer to keep reduce the installer size would be to make a separate download for XAF since I'd wager there are far fewer customers of that product than any of the others.

22 March, 2010
Chris Walsh [DX-Squad]


XAF is quite small actually, its the DEMO's that are the killer, 300+ MB, 43,968 files etc etc.  If the demo's were split out it would shrink the installer 2/3 :)

22 March, 2010
Michael Proctor [DX-Squad]

That is great news and makes sense now given the split in help system for Visual Studio.

@Grant: XAF is just a framework that pulls together all of the DX Suite into a cross platform system. If you look at v9.3 for example the installed XAF files takes up 50mb whereas the main components take up 800mb, so there would be very little difference to remove XAF.

I am sure if the Help System hadn't changed DX probably would have kept the documentation in the main download but it makes sense now to split it as will you require the VS2008 or VS2010 help or both even? now you get the choice.

Kudos to DevExpress team, this is a good move forward.

22 March, 2010
Glen Germaine

Totally in favour of this.  I use the online documentation all the time, not the local documentation.  Why? I find that in the time Visual Studio takes to load Help, I can hit and find what I need... plus I have the added advantage of my search returning Forum posts, Support Center issues and online samples, something F1 can't do.

22 March, 2010
Timur Zanagar

Thumbs up! Faster download!

23 March, 2010
Joe Hendricks

Yes! Yes! Although I use the online help a lot, I also have to work on XAF offline a fair amount..AND will need to work in both VS2008 and VS2010 for a while yet.

23 March, 2010

I totally agree about removing/spliting demo also

24 March, 2010
Patrick Wolf

Good idea to separate the documentation.

I don't like the idea of splitting out the demo's.

They should stay part of the default package.



25 March, 2010
erdogan kurtur_1

separating demos, documentation AND source codes will reduce file size beyond belief. Most of the developers in my company does not install dx sources. some combined versions of these (like full, dx + help, dx + demos + help, dx + demos + sources + help) also will not hurt our hearts at all.

maybe you should also release update packages for minor versions.

26 March, 2010
Carl Pritchard

Agree with erdogan although would have full and separate sets.

One installer for all parts (as currently).

One for main parts with 2 further downloads

1. Demos

2. Help

Can appreciate value of full installer but we do not need to update all of this every time (especially if downloading due to possibly corrupted component files which has happened to me on a couple of occassions).

Hotfix packages for minor releases would be good but can see how much harder that can be to coordinate and be sure users are getting all the correct bits in the correct order (this format imho works better with automatic updates).

30 March, 2010

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