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22 March 2010

Russian Nesting Dolls The DevExpress DXperience installation file size will be about 1/2 size of its current 300+ megabytes! Starting with the v2010.1 installer, you’ll have less to download.


The documentation files have been removed from the DXperience installer. However, a separate installer with just the documentation will be available for download.


The DXperience v2010.1 is our first major release that will support Visual Studio 2010 (VS2010).

VS2010 has a new help system which would require us to include help in the old VS2008 style and the new VS2010 style. This would increase our installer file size up to 450 megabytes!

And since the help documentation is not always updated in each of the minor releases, we’ve moved the documentation to its own installer. Now, you can download the help documentation during the two major releases instead of for each minor release.

Search.DevExpress.Com FTW!

Personally, I prefer to use the online documentation available at It’s fast and up to date!

Look for the v2010.1 release coming out in the April 2010 timeframe. If you’re DXperience subscriber, you’ll get access to the v2010.1 beta a week or two before its official release!

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