Internet Explorer 9 At MIX10

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29 March 2010

Check out this great Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) video interview from this year’s MIX10 conference.

John Hrvatin is a Lead Microsoft PM on the IE9 Project. John’s a smart guy who patiently answered all my questions about IE9. Thanks John!

I highly recommend watching this video to see why IE9 sounds so exciting:


In the video, John demos IE9 and openly discusses:

  • IE9 – Features and performance
  • HTML5 support
  • Gives a IE9 demo
  • Explains new IE9 JavaScript engine (JIT, Multicore, GPU Powered)
  • Acid3 support
  • CSS3 improvements
  • Working with W3C for standards compliance
  • What developers can look forward to
  • SVG support and SVGoids game
  • Mobile Browser Experience

After you watch the video and you want to play with the upcoming IE9 then go to You can also learn more about John Hvartin at his blog or contact him on twitter.

Watch the full IE9 video interview with John Hvartin from MIX10. Then drop me a line below with your thoughts. Thanks!

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Marc Greiner

Hi Mehul ;

Thanks for this interview, hopefully IE will eventually get some snappiness with its version 9.

IE9 Acid results look still average though (55/100)...

Flying Images speed demo on my PC:

IE8.0.6001.18828: 3 FPS

Opera 10.10: from 58 to 64 FPS

Chrome 3 FPS

Firefox 3.6.2: from 44 up to 62 FPS

29 March 2010
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


Thanks. The preview is probably not optimized yet. I'm excited about it because it looks like we'll have good competition among browsers again.

29 March 2010
Kyler IE Team

Hey thanks for the great post.  We have a lot of other IE9 content videos from MIX10 on the IE blog.  Anyone wanting to get the latest updates should check it out:


IE Outreach Team

30 March 2010

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