ASP.NET Combo Box - Incremental Filtering Using 'Contains' – v2010 vol 1

07 April 2010

Check out the live demo of our ASP.NET Combo Box here: ASPxComboBox Incremental Filtering

The ASPxComboBox editor now supports searching for items using the new ‘contains’ filter mode when using the ‘incremental filtering’ feature.

Find As You Type Filtering

Based on the text that’s typed into the editor's input box, the ASPxComboBox will incrementally filter on the client side. The following filter modes are available for you:

  • None - Filtering is not applied to list items.
  • StartsWith - The editor is filtered for list items that begin with the search string.
  • New Contains - The editor is filtered for list items that contain the search string. The found search string is highlighted within items for usability purposes.

Check out this image that shows the Contains filter in action:


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10 comment(s)

I sure hope you're keeping features the same across your suites, i.e. the Winforms combo should have this exact functionality, XPF, etc.

7 April, 2010
Jared Johnson

Yessss!  You guys rock!

7 April, 2010
Andre Azevedo

Will DXperience v2010.1 full compatilble with VS2008?

7 April, 2010
Henrik Brinch

YES!!! My prayers have been heard!


7 April, 2010
Ben Ark

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

7 April, 2010
Chris Walsh [DX-Squad]


yes it is...

7 April, 2010
Jim Winchell

When using in Contains mode, can you use multiple patterns?  So for instance, using your example screen shot, if I were to type 'av es' would it then filter out everything except the second item in the list (picking up on 'sAVory saucES'?

13 April, 2010
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


No, it doesn't work like that. The contains mode matches as you type so typing AV will match 'sAVory' but it will not accept the space since there is nothing with AV+Space in the item list.

Btw, wild cards do not work either. Hope that helps. :)

13 April, 2010
Simon Bonanno

Can I ask why wildcards are not supported in this scenario?  It would be useful if you set the list to 'StartsWith' but if you want to use 'contains' you just use percentage in the beginning just as you can do in the aspxgridview filters

8 November, 2010
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


The Incremental filtering searches across multiple column and with strings as well, try it here:

If you need the wildcard option, you may suggest it here:


11 November, 2010

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