ASP.NET Pivot Grid Supports Horizontal ScrollBar – v2010 vol 1

ASP.NET Team Blog
09 April 2010

The ASPxPivotGrid is coming out with a very useful horizontal scrollbar feature that gives you more screen space and removes the need to use the browser’s horizontal scrollbar.

Here’s the details of the new property and it’s behavior:

  • A new Boolean property was added, ASPxPivotGrid.OptionsView.ShowHorzScrollBar to the ASPxPivotGrid for v2010.1 release.
  • The horizontal scrollbar will not be automatically shown because the default value is set to False. This way, your users will not be surprised by a new horizontal scrollbar when you upgrade to v2010.1.
  • Setting ShowHorzScrollBar property to True helps you to reduce the pivot width and show the horizontal scrollbar. So, if the ASPxPivotGrid.Width property is set up to a value other than zero then the final pivot grid width is restricted to this value and the pivot grid can allow horizontal scrolling.
    However, if the ASPxPivotGrid.Width is set to zero and the ASPxPivotGrid.OptionsView.ShowHorzScrollBar is set to True, then the horizontal scrollbar will be shown in a disabled mode.

Check out this image to see how much space you’ll be saving with the new ASPxPivotGrid’s horizontal scroll bar (click image to see larger version):


Then tell your users the good news, “I just saved a ton of screen real estate with the ASPxPivotGrid!” [Ok, bad commercial pun :)]

I’d love to hear your feedback. Drop me a line below if you’re looking forward to the ASPxPivotGrid’s horizontal scrollbar.


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