Installer Preview: Smarter, Faster And Sexier – v2010 vol 1

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16 April 2010

Check out the images below of the updated DXperience v2010.1 Unified .NET Installer. First let’s review some of the changes:


  • This installer will work for Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010! Because some of the features and products will only work in VS2010, the installer will automatically enable and disable the products based on the IDE and .NET frameworks installed. More on this below.
  • The installer now uses Visual Studio’s built-in “ASP.NET Development Server” to simplify using our ASP.NET demos.


The installer size has been reduced! The latest DXperience beta build that I got my hands on is v2010.1.2 and it includes:

  • All .NET binaries for our products
  • Source code (if you have the paid option)
  • And no documentation.

For example, this latest DXperience beta build is now approximately 193mb.


Because documentation files were moved to a separate installer, the time to install is also reduced.


Check out this walkthrough of installing DXperience v2010.1 in to my local development virtual machine. Click any image to see a larger version:

Step 1 – Launch the installer, enter my Client Center credentials and Verify the login details:

 Enter Installer Login Details Installer Error Checking Login Details Login Details Verified!

Step 2 – Select the DevExpress products you wish to install:

Select DevExpress Products To Install 

Step 3 – Agree to the EULA:

 EULA Agreement

Step 4 – Select destination folder:

Select destination folder to install DXperience

Step 5 – Wait a few minutes for the installer to extract and install the necessary files:

Installer unpacking and registering products 

Step 5 – Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the installation!

Installation complete! 

Optional step 6 – If the ‘Launch DemoCenter’ check box was left checked then you’ll see our slick DemoCenter application popup. It’s a very handy way to see all the new demos and highlighted features of our products:



DemoCenter Application


And that’s it! You’re now installed DXperience v2010 volume 1.

Happy Coding!

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