ASP.NET Data-Aware Reporting: Getting Started Video

ASP.NET Team Blog
28 April 2010

Check out these great XtraReports getting started videos:

Even if you’re an XtraReports pro-user now, I recommend watching the videos

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Matthew MacSuga
Matthew MacSuga

Great!  I'm really glad that you guys are going back and updating "expired"content.

However, I would like to make one big suggestion.. please, please, please stop using SQLAdapters.  I'd much rather see Linq2SQL or L2EF and the like. :)  Of course.. that's just my opinion.


- Matthew

29 April 2010
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Thanks for the feedback Matthew,

Will try to use the LINQ and our XPO datasources. :-)

29 April 2010

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