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28 May 2010

DevExpress Community toolbar

If you're doing a lot of DevExpress searching and browsing this new toolbar is a convenient and useful tool. The toolbar is customized for many of the DevExpress resources like Search, Support, RSS, Facebook, Twitter, and more.


To install the toolbar, click the ‘Free Download’ link on this web page:

Free Download of Toolbar

Note: This toolbar supports: IE, FireFox and Safari.



Once the installer begins, click the ‘Agree’ button:

DevExpress Toolbar installation


Once installed, you can search DevExpress right from the toolbar:

After installation... search DevExpress


The toolbar uses Google to search but notice that you can also select the ‘DevExpress Search’ link to use our engine.

The toolbar also features dropdown buttons for some of the most commonly used site links: links Get Support links DevExpress community links

Social Media

Access to News, DevExpress Channel, Forums, Blogs and Facebook are all under the ‘RSS Feeds’ button:

Access RSS links

There’s a button for our Twitter feed:

Access DevExpress twitter

Toolbar Options

This handy toolbar is provided ‘Free’ from the website. The site does collect some usage data to help improve the toolbar. If you do not want it to collect any data then go to the toolbar options from the ‘DevExpress’ button:

Toolbar options link


Then deselect the ‘Send usage statistics’ from the ‘Additional Settings’ tab and click ‘OK’:

Toolbar options - disable usage statistics


That’s it. You now have the toolbar installed and the popular DevExpress resources only a few clicks away.

What do you think of this toolbar? Drop me a line below with your thoughts.

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Robert Beaubien

um, Waste of resources? (I'm sure there are things that should be much higher on the priority list)

Toolbars are the viruses of browsers.  When solving people's complaints about slow browser/OS, the first thing done is to REMOVE all toolbars (google, ask, etc).  Why add to the problem?

Sorry, nothing personal, and I haven't even tried it, but I think they are generally more troulble than the time they are trying to save.

3 June, 2010
Steven Rasmussen

I generally agree with Robert regarding toolbars - however, I think that this is a great idea!  I find myself going to the DevExpress site several times a day for support / blogs / forums etc.  This will be very convenient to have the most frequented pages just a click away.  Thanks!

3 June, 2010
Aaron Smith

A visual studio extension would be more useful, or adding some of this functionality to the current DevExpress menu in Visual Studio. I refuse to install toolbars now because I had one that was spyware trying to steal credit card data.

3 June, 2010
Mark Harby

I'm sure this is a great implementation of a toolbar but I have to echo previous tone, toolbars are the scurge of browsers.

Why not implement this as a VS add-in ?

3 June, 2010
Richard Nieuwland

sounds like a good idea, but im a big fan of chrome, any idea if/when y support the google browser also ?

3 June, 2010

I think that a toolbar is a great idea, but it would have been a lot more appropriate within the VS environment. With DXCore, it should be relatively easy to make, right?

I don't feel too confortable knowing this toolbar is not "entirely" yours...

3 June, 2010
Dave Hesketh

I am always a fan of shortcuts to things. I am on the DevExpress website constantly looking for resources, seeing what's new, asking for help :)

My only issue now is that it doesn't work with Chrome. I agree that a VS add in or stand-alone Windows System Tray app would be more useful to me.

The toolbar does look nice and while I don't ever install toolbars I did consider installing this one.

3 June, 2010

You know what I'm going to say...this belongs in the VS.NET "DevExpress" menu!!!  Please use the DevExpress menu to provide access to your resources.

Thank you.  Broken record skips again! :)

3 June, 2010
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


Thanks for the feedback. Will look into the VS plugin idea.

The toolbar is provided free from and cost us nothing except for about 5 mins to setup and create.

3 June, 2010
Michael Proctor [DX-Squad]

Hey Mehul, I have to agree with the others, although the toolbar looks very cool and feature full, I would prefer to have access to it in the thing I have open in front of me all day Visual Studio.

However I do see how this was a quick and easy way to provide this ability so I don't think it is a wasted idea and understand that putting resources into making a toolbar doesn't make much business sense, may I suggest that this would be a great community project, I would be happy to devote some time into it, and surely Rory would be chewing at the bit to play with extending VS via DXCore.

3 June, 2010
Sigurd Decroos

I agree with most comments above. Toolbars are a pain in the ***, implementing this in studio would be much more helpfull.

3 June, 2010
Glen Germaine

Struth, what a bunch of negative nellies we have...

1 - "Waste of resources"  Guys, have you looked at the site where the toolbar is downloaded? You can make one up in about 10 minutes maximum.  I wasted more time writing this reply than it would take to put a toolbar together.

2 - "Should have been in Visual Studio" -  I can see why some people might prefer this for Code/Support Search (and how to do this was covered ages ago and Mehul did a video on how to implement it), but seriously? You would browse the Forums and Social Media stuff in Visual Studio?

3 - Neals pet which we are all sick of hearing about.  For Gods sake Neal, in the amount of time you have spent whinging about this over the past year or 2, you could have easily customised the VS toolbar yourself to add the things the YOU want at least 300 times.  "Just do it!".

Personally, I don't want links to 'everything DX' in VS and I'd prefer it wasn't foisted upon me when installing.

4 - Community Project - I challenge everyone to go back over the forums for the last 2 years and a) check how many times people have stuck their hand up and said "oh I'll be involved in that" and then b) actually followed thru.  You'd be lucky if b) vs a) was > 5-10%.  Apart from a core of 4 or 5 people, the community input is stuff-all.

5 - No-one is forcing it down your throat - if you don't like it, guys, don't use it... but there are some people that feel it is a good idea and a handy addition.


3 June, 2010

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