WPF Pivot Grid Speed Improvements

14 July 2010

Check out these performance improvements for the DevExpress WPF Pivot Grid, DXPivotGrid:

  • Field values now expand and collapse twice as fast.
  • Improved scrolling speed in the Summary Type Display mode. The scrolling using the left/right arrow keys is now much faster.

How fast?

Here’s a project that uses our WPF Pivot Grid in a data intensive scenario:

DevExpress WPF Pivot Grid

To measure the difference, we took a couple of traces of the operations. For the trace, I've collapsed and expanded the first row area group in the WPF Pivot Grid project (screenshot above).

Here’s the results: 17,711 ms before and 7,106 ms after - expanding is two times faster!

Trace - Before Trace - After

Coming Soon

Unfortunately, these improvements are not in the latest release of DXperience v2010.1.5 yet. They will be in a future release so stay tuned.

Drop me a line below with your thoughts.

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5 comment(s)
Jim Foye


I noticed the Excel export is missing in WPF, that would be kind of nice to have again.

14 July, 2010
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


Thanks. The regular DXGrid can print/export just fine. The DXPivotGrid will get this feature in the future. Track this suggestion to get updates on it's progress:


14 July, 2010
Jim Foye

Yeah, sorry, I just meant the pivot grid. I have started tracking that suggestion.

14 July, 2010

How many records are in your test data set?

16 July, 2010
Ivan N (DevExpress)


Not so big. Our main problem on WPF-platform is drawing performance. This is the case we were able to overcome WPF limitations. To demonstrate an issue better, we have configured the PivotGrid to show many small cells.

17 July, 2010

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