WPF Pivot Grid Speed Improvements

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14 July 2010

Check out these performance improvements for the DevExpress WPF Pivot Grid, DXPivotGrid:

  • Field values now expand and collapse twice as fast.
  • Improved scrolling speed in the Summary Type Display mode. The scrolling using the left/right arrow keys is now much faster.

How fast?

Here’s a project that uses our WPF Pivot Grid in a data intensive scenario:

DevExpress WPF Pivot Grid

To measure the difference, we took a couple of traces of the operations. For the trace, I've collapsed and expanded the first row area group in the WPF Pivot Grid project (screenshot above).

Here’s the results: 17,711 ms before and 7,106 ms after - expanding is two times faster!

Trace - Before Trace - After

Coming Soon

Unfortunately, these improvements are not in the latest release of DXperience v2010.1.5 yet. They will be in a future release so stay tuned.

Drop me a line below with your thoughts.

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