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24 October 2010

Check out this great video interview with the Jeff Atwood who writes the fantastic blog at


Jeff was kind enough to sit down after his session at the 2010 Silicon Valley CodeCamp. The video is filled with some great quotes like this one:

If you can’t come up with at least one interesting thing to talk about every day, you’re not trying hard enough! The world is just full of fascinating stuff. – Jeff Atwood

To understand the context of that statement and hear more, watch the video. In it, Jeff discusses:

  • his popular blog
  • - his business venture w/Joel Spolsky
  • the tyvek wallet
  • why continual learning is important
  • his internet fame
  • StackOverflow
    • Issues and the other related sites
    • What made StackOverflow so popular?
    • Site is more popular than his and Joel’s blogs
  • His HTML 5 talk
    • HTML 5 local storage
    • Safari and browser cookies issue
  • Responsible advertising
    - Yes, DevExpress advertises on StackOverflow :)
  • Other HTML 5 use cases
  • Advertising and user experience
  • Mobile browsers
    • Why is it’s hard to fully support mobile browser for StackOverflow?
  • Where does his blog ideas come from?
    • Communities and subcultures FTW!
    • He's a google fanatic
    • Internet rubber necking

If you’d like to reach him then contact him via:

Thanks Jeff!

I recommend you watch the video then check out his work at and

I'm on twitter

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