ASP.NET Controls - Setup Right-To-Left

29 November 2010

Check out the ‘Setup Right-To-Left’ video for the DevExpress ASP.NET controls.

And it’s very easy to do, simply set the RightToLeft property to true and you’re done.

Watch the video to learn more:

ASP.NET Controls - Setup Right-To-Left


Drop me a line with your thoughts on the new Right-To-Left support of the DevExpress ASP.NET products. Thanks!

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2 comment(s)
Ramy Othman

well this is great feature thanks, actually a lot of middle Easterns was waiting for it long time ago is there any plans to do the same for desktop applications?

30 November, 2010
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Ramy: Desktop applications written with our WPF controls support right-to-left languages.

Our WinForms controls do not, mainly because they were never designed to support RTL. Since we have a large number of controls, with a huge investment in the underlying source and common functionality, it's unlikely that we'll be adding that support any time soon. Despite our best intentions, it would be a nightmare of breaking changes and frankly neither we or our customers would want that.

See also this blog post from some 4 years ago:

Cheers, Julian

30 November, 2010

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