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30 November 2010

Here’s a small bit of news about our ASP.NET themes in the DXperience v2010 volume 2 release.

Reduce For Consistency

Many of the smaller ASP.NET controls like the Round Panel, Site Map and Cloud Control had small one-off themes. We’ve removed several of these smaller themes because:

  • These one-off themes were outdated and looked unusual
  • These one-off themes didn’t allow you to customize the whole website
  • These one-off themes didn’t use any CSS styles, they used the less-favorable inline styles
  • Not all of the DevExpress ASP.NET products supported these themes. Most didn’t need to since many great professional and modern themes like Office already existed
  • These one-off themes were not widely used

So, for consistency, we've removed several themes which were supported by only a few ASP.NET controls (I.e.: round panel, site map or cloud control).

4 New Themes

Good news! We introduced 4 new modern themes which are supported by all of our controls.

These include the three new Office 2010 (Blue, Silver, Black) themes and the new DevExpress Theme that matches our upcoming new demos. Watch the recent “What’s new in DXperience ASP.NET v2010 volume 2” webinar to learn more about the new demos and themes.

DevExpress ASP.NET Office 2010

Use Old Themes

If you wat to, you can continue to use the old themes. Simply use the project converter tool to upgrade your project’s .skin files.

However, in doing this, the old themes’ images will be unpacked and therefore not use the theme assembly. Of course, you can upgrade to one of the many new themes too and get the benefits of the theme assembly as well as modern look.


Adding a new theme for ALL of the DevExpress ASP.NET products usually means a lot of changes. In fact, even adding a new feature to one product means that all the ASP.NET themes may be affected. This change will ensure you that the provided themes will be consistent, clean, professional and work across all the popular browsers. Thanks!

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