ASP.NET TreeView and Splitter- How to create an MSDN-style help navigation page layout

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04 December 2010

Check out the Code Central web project sample below that shows you how to create a help navigation layout using the ASP.NET TreeView and Splitter controls:


How to create help navigation page layout using ASPxTreeView and ASPxSplitter (E2673)

This sample shows a typical solution for how the ASP.NET TreeView control could be used in your websites.

For example, when a user types some text in the search box and clicks the search button then we’ll locate the corresponding node and make it visible in the ASP.NET TreeView control.

This sample uses the ASPxSplitter and the new ASPxTreeView controls to make a typical MSDN-style page layout.

Easy Visual Studio Integration

The Code Central repository contains full projects that easily open in your Visual Studio instance in one-click!

Try it yourself then drop me a line below with your thoughts. Thanks!

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