ASP.NET File Upload Control - New Themes Support (available now in v2011.1)

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14 February 2011

The ASP.NET Upload control is getting a fantastic makeover with full support for all DevExpress ASP.NET themes! ASPNET_UploadControl_Themes_2011_1

Themes Support

The ASP.NET upload control gives you the ability to upload files with a bunch other great features like multiple uploads and a progress panel.

Unfortunately, it didn't have support for our stunning ASP.NET themes like Office 2010, Red Wine, etc.

Good news! In the current DXperience v2011 volume 1 release, we've added full support for appearance customization of our UploadControls.

MVC and WebForms

Both the ASP.NET MVC UploadControl and our WebForms version, ASPxUploadControl, will support the new Themes and appearance customization feature.

2011 Roadmap - On Schedule

In December 2010, I sat with my ASP.NET team and we created the 2011 DevExpress ASP.NET Roadmap. I'm happy to report that this feature is available now in DXperience 2011.1!

What do you think of the new appearance customization and themes support of our ASP.NET upload controls?

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