ASP.NET File Manager - Data Bind using Data Source (available now in v2011.1)

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04 March 2011

Check out the new feature of our ASP.NET File Manager that allows you to data bind to a database using a DataSource.

Yes, our ASP.NET File Manager control can connect to a database backend and generate the file system user interface. You can use any data source components too like the SQLDataSource!

Here's the markup code with the ASPxFileManager and an XPO Data Source:

        InitialFolder="Salvador Dali\1936 - 1945" />
        LastWriteTimeFieldName="LastWriteTime" />

File System Providers

ASP.NET FileManager - Database BindingThe ASPxFileManager supports any file system:

  • stored on the physical disk
  • net shared disk
  • in a database
  • custom storage

To work with these file systems, we introduced a special API called a 'File System provider'. And the DevExpress ASP.NET File Manager control, the ASPxFileManager, has two predefined file system providers:

  • PhysicalFileSystemProvider
  • DataSourceFileSystemProvider

What is a file system provider? A file system provider is an API for access to the virtual file system in the ASP.NET File Manager control.

This API provides the definition of methods for getting a file and folder hierarchy. We also provide the methods for editing the FileManager's items like creating a folder, renaming files/folders, deleting files/folders, etc. The File Manager control uses the provider for all operations in the file system.

Databinding to DataSource

You can use any datasource component, such as:

  • SQLDataSource
  • XpoDataSource
  • Entity Framework Datasource
  • and more…

Use any datasources for the ASPxFileManager's file system. Configure the SettingsDataSource section’s properties and set the DataSource or DataSourceID property. The DataSourceFileSystemProvider will be created inside ASPxFileManager and the file system stored in the datasource. Here's a screenshot of the properties:

ASP.NET FileManager - Settings DataSource

File Management

The ASPxFileManager's providers give you a definition of methods for getting a file and folder hierarchy. We also provide you methods for editing the FileManager's items. This includes:

  • creating a folder
  • renaming files/folders
  • deleting files/folders
  • moving files/folders
  • file upload

In the next blog post, I'll tell you about the process of customizing the FileManager’s file system provider.

Available now in v2011 volume 1

The new data source file system provider is available now in the DXperience v2011 volume 1 release.

What do you think of the new capability to data bind and give your end-users a powerful file manager control on your websites? Drop me a line below. Thanks!

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Phil Holt
Phil Holt

Until the FM control can do a details view with sorting by columns, rmb's to create new folders, delete, rename, etc - it's just eye candy.

Maybe I missed how to configure the control for that type of view but all I can discover is the icon view.

with the icon view, if you have long filenames they're cut off and there's no way to see them. How can you compare creation dates?

I was excited to see this control from my favorite vendor but it's not quite there yet. I'm not hopeing for an win explorer replacement, but how about the win 3.1 FileManager?

5 March 2011
Roman Resh (DevExpress)
Roman Resh (DevExpress)

Hi Phil!

For now, ASPxFileManager displays files only using a thumbnail (icon) view. We are planning to extend view capabilities (see Suggestion ID: S36152 - Add the capability to display files using various views (table layout, small/medium/large thumbnails, etc.) ( In response to your request, I have created a suggestion to add a context menu to ASPxFileManager (see Suggestion ID: S36949 - Add the context menu to folders and files panels ( Please track these suggestions to be automatically notified once they are implemented.

If you need any specific feature or functionality in ASPxFileManager, please don't hesitate to submit corresponding suggestions to our Support Center. We will judge the number of trackers and implement the most popular suggestions in the nearest releases.

5 March 2011
Damir Pečnik
Damir Pečnik

Will this be available for MVC Controls?

5 March 2011
Roman Resh (DevExpress)
Roman Resh (DevExpress)

We don't have any requests to provide ASPxFileManager's extension for MVC. I have created a suggestion to implement this functionality: S36974 - Provide ASP.NET MVC extension for ASPxFileManager ( Please track this suggestion to be automatically notified once it is implemented. We will implement most popular suggestions.

10 March 2011
Marek Zgadzaj
Marek Zgadzaj

What about S36150 - the capability to download a selected file ?

Thanks, Marek.

13 March 2011
Roman Resh (DevExpress)
Roman Resh (DevExpress)

Hello, Marek.

We have completed this suggestion and will publish it in v11.1.

14 March 2011
Marek Zgadzaj
Marek Zgadzaj

Hello Roman,

Very good news. Thank you.

15 March 2011
Ahmed Permassa
Ahmed Permassa

This feature is good but there is no option for permissions.

3 August 2011
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
12 August 2011

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