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04 April 2011

Our designer, AJ, likes to experiment to keep his artistic skills updated. And lucky for us, he's created new DevExpress wallpapers with the DevExpress logo in different styles.

14 Gorgeous Backgrounds

Check out all 14 wallpapers/backgrounds with color names like: BlingBling, Chrome, Pixels, Neon, Grunge-Metal and more!

Click the image to see a larger version:





Windows 7 Theme

Download this Windows 7 Aero theme pack that contains all the images above:

DevExpress Windows 7 Theme Pack

DevExpress Windows 7 Theme Pack

To install:

  1. Download the file
  2. Open it in Windows 7
  3. Enjoy

Thanks goes to AJ, one of our designers, for creating these beautiful wallpapers in his spare time.


What's your favorite DevExpress wallpaper?


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