ASP.NET HTML Editor, Spell Checker & File Manager - Right-To-Left Support (available now in v2011.1)

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14 April 2011

Check out the new right-to-left feature of the ASP.NET HTML Editor that's available now in the DXperience v2011.1 release:

Note: Persian text in the ASP.NET HTML Editor above provided by this wiki article.

Right-To-Left Support

Starting with DXperience v2011 volume 1 release, three more DevExpress ASP.NET controls will support right-to-left languages:

  • ASPxHtmlEditor - ASP.NET HTML Editor
  • ASPxSpellChecker- ASP.NET Spell Checker
  • ASPxFileManager - ASP.NET File Manager

In fact, all DevExpress ASP.NET controls in the ASPxperience Library currently provide support for right-to-left languages, like Arabic or Hebrew. This helps you to create international web pages that include support for right-to-left reading order and mirroring of UI elements.

RightToLeft Property

To switch a control from to right-to-left representation, just enable a single property - RightToLeft. When this property is on, text flows from right to left in a control and the control itself is mirrored (the layout of its UI elements is reversed).

To apply the right-to-left property to all DevExpress web controls within your web application, you can enable our a special option within the web.config file, instead of switching each control's RightToLeft property. The rightToLeft option can be accessed within the settings group of our devExpress section:

    <settings rightToLeft="false" />
    <compression enableHtmlCompression="false" enableCallbackCompression="true" 
        enableResourceCompression="true" enableResourceMerging="false" />
    <themes enableThemesAssembly="true" />
    <errors callbackErrorRedirectUrl="" />

Watch the ‘Setup Right-To-Left’ video for the DevExpress ASP.NET controls to see how easy it is.

Available Now in v2011 volume 1

The new Right-To-Left support feature of our ASP.NET HTML Editor, Spell Checker and File Manager is available now in the DXperience v2011 volume 1 release.


What do you think of this right-to-left support by DevExpress ASP.NET controls? Drop me a line below, thanks.


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salim zarepour

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15 April 2011

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