ASP.NET Docking - Create Drag-and-drop Style Widgets with New Docking Controls (available now in v2011.1)

25 May 2011

aspxdockingCheck out these slick new ASP.NET Docking Controls that are available now in DXperience v2011 volume 1.


Our new ASP.NET Docking controls give you the ability to create a 'widgets' style layout with drag-and-drop functionality for your website. Other key benefits and features include:

  • Custom web page layout
  • Intuitive interface
  • Smooth drag-and-drop 
  • Extensive Client-side API and events
  • Callbacks (AJAX) support
  • Beautiful themes provided
  • Customize styles
  • Flexible layouts with standalone docking controls - big win for you… more on this below
  • Cross-browser support

Introduction Video

Watch the 'ASP.NET Docking Introduction' video and learn about the ASPxDocking controls' benefits and features for you:

DevExpress ASP.NET Docking Suite

ASP.NET Docking Controls

The new ASP.NET Docking controls are called ASPxDocking and they will be released as part of the ASPxperience Library.

ASPxDocking offers 3 new stand-alone controls that have been design to interoperate well:

  • ASPxDockPanel - As a content place holder, this control holds your content. It can be dragged among different 'dock zones'. Or it can float like our ASPxPopupControl
  • ASPxDockZone - A container control for dock panels. The ASPxDockPanel can be docked within the ASPxDockZones.
  • ASPxDockManager - A non-visual control that allows you as the web developer to manage the central layout and handle all the events

Together the three components allow your end-users to move content panels between specific regions (dock zones) of a web page. A dock panel can either be docked to a dock zone or made to float. Dock zones can be placed within any section of a page; orientation and size is fully customizable. ASPxDockManager allows you to provide centralized programmatic control of all dock panels and dock zones contained within a page.

Advantage: Flexible Layout Customization

A key advantage for you is that the ASPxDocking controls are standalone. Therefore, our docking solution does not require you to place the dock panels and zones into some parent layout control.

Why is this important? Because you can place standalone panels, zones and manager docking controls on different web pages!

Here's an example of how you can place the controls on multiple pages:

  • A child page with a panel and manager docking controls
  • and its master page can have a zone control
  • and a user control instantiated inside this page can contain one more panel

And all of the docking controls will work nicely with each other and give you a 'single layout' capability across multiple web pages!


Watch the 'ASP.NET Docking Introduction' video to see many of these key features in action:

  • Forbidden zones
  • Load content via callbacks
  • Runtime layout customization
  • Client-side events and API
  • Server-side functionality - for example, the AllowedDockState property lets you change a panel's docking behavior on the server side
  • Server-side events


What do you think of the new ASPxDocking controls? Drop me a line below with your thoughts, thanks!

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18 comment(s)
Mohsen Benkhellat

Let's hope it is included in XAF for web layout asap.

25 May, 2011
Steven Rasmussen

I've gotta say this looks pretty sweet!  I just need to find a way to use it now :)

25 May, 2011
Mark Williams

This is really exciting!

25 May, 2011
Evgeniy Meyke

@Mohsen +1

25 May, 2011
Fırat Esmer


25 May, 2011

@Mohsen +2..

..we have *everything* in place now for a more social edition of xaf. Just a few custom tweaks, a second output project format, and more inclusion for what DX already has, and DX will be FIRST out of the gate in this regard. A truly business-oriented socially-based application. The sky is the limit if we get this.

So many times have i been asked about something like this.

27 May, 2011
Anuraag Sanwal


is this for MVC framework also?

30 May, 2011
Dennis (DevExpress Support)


I believe that we could find a good place for it in XAF Web UI. We will definitely consider implementing this feature in the future. I have just logged a feature item internally for that. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any estimates or promises this time.


Not in this release.

30 May, 2011
Anuraag Sanwal

if not now .. sometime in the neat future?

its just that i'm planning to move from webforms to MVC if i have an idea that lot of devex ASP components also going to be ready for MVC on priority even if its a few months, else you'll appreciate it doesn't make sense to move to MVC if controls support is half

31 May, 2011
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


Can you please create a suggestion in our support center here about the MVC version of ASP.NET docking please? Thanks.

31 May, 2011
Dan Arnold

It seems to me that we shouldn't have to "make a suggestion" for making MVC extensions for your new controls. It seems to indicate a lack of committment for comprehensive MVC support.

1 June, 2011
Rachel Hawley (DevExpress)

Hi Dan,

We realise the age old request to "make a suggestion" comes across as a delaying tactic, but I wanted to assure you that it is in place for a good reason. The act of creating the suggestion means that the team not only have a record of it as a user request, but it also allows others to "track" it. That way, when the time comes to review new controls for the MVC guys out there, they can review which suggestions have been the most popular, making the choice of which controls to begin assiging resources to that much easier.

I know the process seems abitrary, but we do make good use of your suggestions :)

~ Rachel.

1 June, 2011

Now if only we could get xtraLayout for and mvc life would be great....

1 June, 2011
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Dan,

Rachel put it very well. The suggestion will help others to track it and help us to know how we should prioritize the long list of to-dos. :)


1 June, 2011
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


While we don't have a fully layout control, I believe the docking controls will help there. Also check out our ASP.NET Splitter control:


1 June, 2011
Anuraag Sanwal

this docking suite would be incomplete without the simple yet powerful features of 'maximize/restore' button & collapse/expand button  ... in fact any custom buttons for end-user actions cld also provide the flexibility

3 June, 2011
Jonathan Crosby 1


Wow, that jquery windows looks amazing!

3 June, 2011
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


Our ASPxPopupControl provides much of that functionality. Track this suggestion for the min/max buttons:


3 June, 2011

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