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Mehul Harry is the DevExpress Web Program Manager. Follow him on twitter: @Mehulharry

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Video: Free Windows Phone 7 Development Webinars by Chris Williams

Check out this video interview with Chris Williams, XNA MVP. Chris discusses his free webinar series which explores the Windows Phone 7 platform in detail and offers you practical insights into the mobile development options offered by Microsoft:

Chris Williams TechEd Video Interview

Watch the above video to see Chris discuss Windows Phone 7, the upcoming 'Mango' update and his free WP7 webinar series.

Register Now

Click the links below and register for all 7 of the Windows Phone 7 webinars now. The WP7 webinar topics include:

09-Jun-2011 - An Introduction to WP7 Development with Silverlight and XNA

16-Jun-2011- A Deeper Dive Into XNA on Windows Phone 7

23-Jun-2011 - A Deeper Dive Into Silverlight on Windows Phone 7

30-Jun-2011 - Building a Scrolling Tile Engine with XNA on Windows Phone 7

07-Jul-2011 - Building a pathfinding system using waypoints with XNA on WP7

14-Jul-2011 - Using the Push Notifications Service in your Windows Phone 7 apps or games

21-Jul-2011 - Making Money From Free Windows Phone 7 Apps with the Microsoft Ad SDK

For more information, region specific start times, and to register for these FREE Windows Phone 7 development
webinars hosted by – visit

Follow Chris

Follow Chris Williams on twitter here: @ChrisGWilliams

And check out his blog too:

Thanks Chris!

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Too bad that Windows Phone 7 doesn't get more attention. It really is an interesting platform.

June 9, 2011 11:26 AM

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